Composers and their stage works 

Taken In Marriage

Thomas Babe.

Presented in New York by Joseph Papp's Public Theatre 1979

The action of the play takes place in the basement of a New Hampshire church, which has been set up for a small reception, on the day of a wedding rehearsal which never takes place. The bride, her sister, her mother and her aunt, a patrician group who have come up from New York, wait in vain for the groom and his family to appear - but they are apparently off at a local hostelry busily getting drunk. They are, however, joined by Dixie, a down-on-her-luck entertainer who has been engaged by one of the absent men to sing at the wedding. The unlikely and sometimes abrasive interaction between the bored, sophisticated women and the earthy, outspoken Dixie leads on to some disturbing revelations, as the ladies let down their defences and, in turn, expose their secret, private feelings - and the bitter frustrations which lie beneath their well-bred veneers.

ISBN: 0-8222-1108-4