Composers and their stage works 

National Velvet

Enid Bagnold

Velvet Brown is a little girl with a big dream. Day and night she talks of horses; the sleek, beautiful animals who have the courage and stamina to win in The Grand National. Someday, she too will enter this most gruelling and difficult of races. Velvet's family has little patience with her dreams of glory, except for her mother, who swam the English Channel when she was younger and knows that one must stretch one's abilities to capture the wildest hope, and Mi Taylor, whose love of horses matches Velvet's own. Mi recognises in Velvet the same spirit which had given her mother the will to succeed.

There is a lottery to be held, the prize being "The Piebald", an undisciplined and seemingly useless horse. Mi buys Velvet a ticket and it wins! Now to make the dream come true as they train the horse and enter it into the Grand National. And they almost win, but what really matters is what they learn about life, people and the things that really matter when momentary claim has run its course.