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Waiting For Godot

(En attendant de Godot)

Samuel Beckett

Tragi-comedy in 2 acts - 1953

Play, 2 acts. Published 1952. Produced Paris, Theatre de Babylone, Jan. 5, 1953; London, Theatre Arts Club, Aug. 3, 1955.

This was the first theatrical success of the theatre of the absurd.

Vladimir and Estragon, two old men now almost tramps - who call each other Gogo and Didi - wait by a country road for a message from the elusive Godot. They consider hanging themselves but have no rope and their dialogue, ordinary yet enigmatic, is capable of infinite degrees of interpretation. Along the road comes Pozzo, a bully inclined towards lyricism, with his willing slave Lucky, who is both furtive and pathetic. They stay awhile exchanging banter and Lucky gives an interminable speech. As they depart a boy arrives to tell Vladimir and Estragon that Godot has been delayed and will arrive tomorrow.

Next day the proceedings are repeated with a few changes: Pozzo is now blind and cannot remember the events of the previous day, but Lucky is still willing to serve him. The boy comes with the same message from Godot. Vladimir and Estragon again consider hanging themselves but have no rope. They declare their intention of leaving but make no move to do so.


  • Vladimir
  • Estragon
  • Lucky
  • Pozzo
  • A Boy