Composers and their stage works 

Der Graf von Charolais

(The Count of Charolais)

Richard Beer-Hofmann

Verse tragedy (wr. 1906)

The young Count of Charolais, burdened with a bankrupt estate, struggles to obtain a decent burial for his father, whose corpse is held in a debtors' tower. Old President Rochort is touched by the young man's devotion and pays the debt, thus clearing the way for the burial. In addition, he chooses Charolais as the husband for his beloved daughter Desirée. The couple marry, and their happiness seems assured. However, the President's young nephew Philip continues to woo Desirée and seduces her, taking advantage of her inexperience. When Charolais learns that his wife has been seen with Philip, he is enraged and kills Philip. He then forces the President, who begs him to be compassionate, to sign a death warrant for Desirée. After Charolais has rejected all Desirée s protestations of innocence, she takes her own life.