Composers and their stage works 

Jaákobs Traum

(Jacob's Dream)

Richard Beer-Hofmann

Biblical verse drama (wr. 1915, prod. 1919).

The drama is a retelling of the Genesis story of Jacob and Esau (here called Edom). Old Isaac is dying, but Edom, his firstborn son, is away on a hunt and cannot receive his blessing. When Edom returns, he swears a terrible vengeance and pursues his fleeing brother. But when they finally come face to face, Jacob's nobility and goodness subdue Edom's wrath, and the brothers are reconciled.

Jacob then falls asleep and has a great dream in which his people's suffering destiny is disclosed. Jacob wrestles with Semal (Satan) and debates with God's messenger. He even challenges God, frightening the angels. When Jacob awakens, he is jubilant in the knowledge of his mission: to lead his people onward despite all hazards. His name is no longer Jacob but Israel.