Composers and their stage works 

The Shaughraun

Dion Boucicault


In Ballyraggett, Ireland, a lad named Conn, a generous, loveable, and irresponsible wanderer, is known as a shaughraun, who though careless of his own safety values that of his friends.

When his friend Robert Ffolhott is transported to Australia because of his opposition to British rule, Conn helps him return to Ireland. During Robert's absence his sister Claire falls in love with Molyneux, the English officer sent to capture Robert. Also during his absence, Claire and Arte O'Neale, Robert's betrothed, have been reduced to poverty by the machinations of Kinchela, an envious trustee of Robert's estate. Conn helps them survive. Soon after Robert's return, Kinchela has him re-arrested, but he is granted an amnesty.

Before he learns of the pardon, however, Robert is tricked into a foolhardy escape by Kinchela, who plans to kill him in order to take over his estate and marry Arte. The Shaughraun rescues his friend and is himself shot by Kinchela. Later, when Kinchela attempts to kidnap Arte and Claire, Conn, pretending to be dead, overhears the plan at his own wake and rescues the two women. Kinchela is then arrested, Robert and Arte are free to live unmolested, and Claire is restored to Molyneux. The reckless Conn decides to settle down with Moya, a priest's daughter.