Composers and their stage works 

Julie Bovasso

American Dramatist Born Brooklyn, New York August 1, 1930

Stage Works

  1. The Moon Dreamers: (produced New York 1967, revised 1969
  2. Gloria and Esperanza: Produced New York 1968, revised 1970
  3. Schubert's Last Serenade: Produced New York 1971. Published in Spontaneous Combustion: Eight New American Plays: 1972
  4. Monday On the Way To Mercury: produced New York 1971
  5. Down By the River Where Waterlilies Are Disfigured Everyday: produced 1972: 1975
  6. The Nothing Kid and Standard Safety: produced New York 1974. Standard Safety published 1976
    Super Lover, Schubert's Serenade and The Final Abyss produced New York, 1975