Composers and their stage works 


Lee Breuer

American playwright born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 6 February 1937.


  1. The Red Horse Animation, music by Philip Glass (produced 1970; revised version, produced 1972).
  2. The B-Beaver Animation, music by Philip Glass, adaptation of a work by Samuel Beckett (produced 1974).
  3. The Saint and the Football Players (produced 1976).
  4. The Lost Ones, adaptation of the fiction by Samuel Beckett (produced 1977).
  5. The Shaggy Dog Animation (produced 1977).
  6. A Prelude to Death in Venice (produced 1980).
  7. Sister Suzie Cinema, music by Bob Telson (produced 1980). 1987.
  8. The Gospel at Colonus, music by Bob Telson, adaptation of Oedipus at Colonus by Sophocles (produced 1982). 1989.
  9. Hajj (produced 1983).
  10. The Warrior Ant, music by Bob Telson (produced 1988).
  11. Lear, adaptation of King Lear by Shakespeare (produced 1990).