Composers and their stage works 

Tobias and the Angel

James Bridie

Drama based on the 'Book of Tobit' in the Apocrypha. (1930)

Tobias is the son of Tobit, a blind old Jewish beggar who lives in a hovel in Nineveh with his wife Anna. The disguised archangel Raphael, who has been hospitably received by Tobit, volunteers to accompany Tobias on a journey to Media. They stop in Ecbatana at the home of Sarah, whom Tobias marries despite a warning that seven previous bridegrooms were murdered by the demon Asmoday (Asmodeus). After driving off this menace, Raphael escorts the couple to Nineveh, where he cures Tobit's blindness. Raphael then reveals himself as the mighty Archangel and disappears.