Composers and their stage works 

Love, the Greatest Enchantment

(El mayor encanto, amor)

Pedro Calderón de la Barca

Comedia mitológica wr. 1635

Based on Homer's story of Ulysses, who in his wanderings is trapped by the beauty of Circe. In a romantic, exotic, and lavish setting, Ulysses and his entire crew fall in love with Circe. Eventually, however, Ulysses and his men regretfully trick her into letting them escape. Her attempt to bring them back causes her ruin and the destruction of the magic island. Calderón's exuberant portrayal of the mythical Circe may owe something to Ariosto's Alcina and Tasso's Armida, both seductive witches who abduct young knights and hold them captive on magic islands.