Composers and their stage works 

The Phantom Lady

(La dama duende)

Pedro Calderón de la Barca

Comedia de capa y espada wr. 1629

Angela, a capricious young widow, lives in Madrid with her brothers Juan and Luis. However, in order to preserve her chastity and their honour, they keep her presence a secret.

When Angela slips out to see the entertainments in the palace grounds, she is pursued by her brother Luis, who fails to recognise her. She appeals to a stranger for help. A duel follows during which Angela escapes. It is stopped only by the arrival of Juan, who recognises the stranger as his friend Don Mañuel. The latter is invited to stay with Juan and Luis and is given a room next to Angela's.

A false wall of mirrors hides a connecting door through which Angela, curious about her rescuer, visits the room in Mañuel's absence and leaves mysterious tokens of her presence. Mañuel's servant is convinced that a phantom is at work. After much confusion, misunderstanding, and arguing about honour, Angela and Mañuel are happily united. Juan is to marry Angela's friend and confidant Beatriz, but Luis remains unpaired and frustrated.