Composers and their stage works 

The Purgatory of St. Patrick

(El purgatorio de San Patricio)

Pedro Calderón de la Barca

Comedia de santos wr. ca. 1634

St. Patrick is shipwrecked on the shores of pagan Ireland with a wicked companion, Ludovico. Captured by Egerio, the King, the two men are imprisoned by the pagans; but Ludovico is set free by the King's daughter Polonia, who has fallen in love with him.

St. Patrick escapes to Rome but returns to attempt the conversion of Ireland. Ludovico, having seduced and then killed Polonia, is confronted by St. Patrick, who resurrects the girl and converts the hardened criminal by his miracles. Although St. Patrick has allowed the King to witness the miracle that converted Ludovico, the monarch remains unconvinced of the existence of life after death. After an angel reveals purgatory and hell to Egerio through an underground cavern, he accepts Christianity for himself and for Ireland.