Composers and their stage works 

The Wonder-Working Magician

(El mágico prodigioso)

Pedro Calderón de la Barca

Comedia de santos wr. 1637

The Devil comes to Antioch determined to corrupt Cyprian, a serious young student, and Justina, a young girl renowned for her virtue. In an attempt to seduce Justina, the Devil climbs her balcony and is seen by two of her suitors, Lelius and Florus. Each thinks it was the other, and they fight a duel but are stopped by Cyprian, who has also fallen in love with Justina. Believing the Devil to be a magician, Cyprian asks for his help in winning her. The Devil agrees to help on condition that Cyprian sell him his soul. Having bought Cyprian, the Devil turns to Justina, but her purity protects her from lies and spells, and as he cannot induce her to go to Cyprian, he sends a phantom instead. The phantom is disguised as Justina, but when Cyprian embraces her, he finds only a skeleton.

Disillusioned, Cyprian seeks consolation and truth in Christianity. A year later, he discovers Justina in prison, where she has been sentenced for being a Christian. Cyprian, brought before the Governor, defends Christianity, and the Governor orders him and Justina beheaded. After their execution, the Devil appears, and is forced by God to clear Justina's name and announce Cyprian s redemption by his sacrifice.