Composers and their stage works 


Born Londonderry, Ireland 1677: Died London April 29, 1707


All are in prose and were first performed in London.

  1. Love and a Bottle. Comedy, 5 acts. Published 1699. Produced Drury Lane Theatre, December, 1698.
  2. The Constant Couple, or A Trip to the Jubilee. Comedy, 5 acts. Published 1700. Produced Drury Lane Theatre, November, 1699.
  3. Sir Harry Wildair, Being the Sequel of A Trip to the Jubilee. Comedy, 5 acts. Published 1701. Produced Drury Lane Theatre, ca. April, 1701.
  4. The Inconstant, or The Way to Win Him. Comedy, 5 acts. Published 1702. Produced Drury Lane Theatre, ca. February, 1702.
  5. The Twin-Rivals. Comedy, 5 acts. Published 1703. Produced Drury Lane Theatre, Dec. 14, 1702.
  6. The Stage Coach. Farce, 1 act. Published 1704. (With Peter Anthony Motteux). Produced Lincoln's Inn Fields Theatre, ca. January, 1704.
  7. The Recruiting Officer. Comedy, 5 acts. Published 1706. Produced Drury Lane Theatre, Apr. 8, 1706.
  8. The Beaux' Stratagem. Comedy, 5 acts. Published 1707. Produced Haymarket Theatre, Mar. 8, 1707.


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