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The Humorous Lieutenant, or Demetrius and Enanthe, or The Noble Enemy, or Generous Enemies


John Fletcher

Tragicomedy in which comic relief is provided by the actions of the humorous Lieutenant, a secondary character who becomes entangled with the main plot, which concerns the love of Celia, a captive of uncertain origins, and Prince Demetrius of Antioch. Demetrius, returning from the wars, is told that Celia has been executed as a witch. In fact, she is alive, rebuffing the advances of King Antigonus, Demetrius's father, who finally plans to conquer her with a love potion. This magic liquid is inadvertently swallowed by the Lieutenant, who then appears to be in love with the King. Celia's steadfast virtue finally impresses the King, and he allows the lovers to be reunited. Celia then discovers she is really a princess, the daughter of Antigonus's former enemy, and all ends happily.