Composers and their stage works 

The Wild Goose Chase


John Fletcher

Comedy about a marriage-shy rake and a determined woman.

When the widely travelled Mirabel returns to Paris, he resists his father LeCastre's advice to marry his waiting fiancée Oriana. Believing that his son has tired of Oriana, LeCastre arranges for Mirabel to meet her two younger sisters. Mirabel dislikes both, but his friends are of a different mind: Belleur is attracted to Rosalura and Pinac to Lillia Bianca, although neither man wants a serious relationship. In a futile attempt to help Oriana, her brother DeGard arouses Mirabel's jealousy by pretending to be a suitor, but a disgruntled servant gives the game away. Similarly, the younger sisters' governess tricks Pinac and Belleur into declaring their love for the girls, and they become willing bridegrooms.

Oriana's second ruse touches Mirabel only temporarily, as she allows her "illness" to be cured too quickly, just as soon as he shows sympathy. In one final gamble, DeGard and LeCastre lead Mirabel to believe that a deceased merchant has left him some jewels, which will be delivered by an Italian lady. Scenting adventure, Mirabel desperately pursues the constantly chaperoned lady but is kept at arm's length until he proposes marriage. He then discovers that the lady is Oriana.