Composers and their stage works 

Snake In the Fridge

Brad Fraser

Donna goes for walks wearing angel wings, her mind damaged by her brother who raped her then beat her up. Her protective sister Caddie dances naked every night to pay the bills, spitting venom at the men who pay to watch her. Sweet Stacey is about to lose her sweetness and illusions as she moves in with her boyfriend, who is under the thumb of net-porn entrepreneur Violet. Corbett, grown up but with the mind a twelve-year old who witnessed his mother blowing out her brains spaces out on drugs and pornography and yearns for the money to pay the rent and to have a penis extension.

Only Travis appears to hold out against the lure of easy money as he works in the kitchen to pay off his student dept for the arts degree that got him nowhere.

These are the residents of the Toronto house, a Victorian edifice that was Corbett's childhood home and which is now haunted as much by its inhabitant's individual fears and nightmares as by its real ghosts. There is one other occupant of the house - a boa-constrictor that has escaped from the refrigerator and is possibly now living in the basement devouring corpses