Composers and their stage works 


David French

Play: 1 man, 1 woman. Exterior

The time is 1926, the place the front porch of a summer home in the tiny coastal town of Coley's Point, Newfoundland. Mary Snow, a lovely young girl of 17, studies the evening sky through a telescope. Her reverie is interrupted by the unexpected appearance of Jacob Mercer, the boy with whom she had once fallen in love, and who, a year ago suddenly departed for Toronto without so much as a goodbye. Now Jacob has returned to Coley's Point, wanting to win back the affection which Mary once felt for him. In his absence, however, Mary has decided to accept the marriage proposal of Jerome McKenzie, the local schoolmaster, who may be on the dull side but is certainly reliable and more than willing to provide for her younger sister, Dot. But when memories of Jacob are revived, and when he feigns leaving for good, she suddenly realizes that he just may be the man for her.

ISBN: 0-8222-1388-5