Composers and their stage works 

Blood Wedding

3 acts; Spanish prose and verse

Federico Garcia Lorca

A Mother, who has lost her husband and son in a bitter blood feud with the Félix family, is alarmed when she discovers that her other son is to marry a young woman who was once engaged to Leonardo Félix. Leonardo and the woman could not marry, because Leonardo was too poor; so he married his beloved's cousin. Mother and Groom visit the barren farm of the Bride's father and strike a deal over the marriage. Despite generous presents, the Bride is unhappy at the prospect of marriage to the Groom, and the hoofs of Leonardo's horse are heard outside. Some time later, it is the morning of the wedding. While the villagers sing gay songs, Leonardo visits the Bride and declares his undying love for her. Nevertheless, the wedding goes ahead, but the Bride becomes colder and colder towards the Groom and leaves the feast to rest. Hoofs are heard again: Leonardo has abducted the Bride and ridden off into the night with her. The Moon gives light to the lovers, and Death in the form of a Beggar-woman helps the Groom find them. The lovers embrace and go deeper into the woods. Screams are heard: Leonardo and the Groom have killed each other. Three women are left to mourn: the Mother, the Bride, and Leonardo's wife. The Mother demands that the Bride should die, but the Bride insists that she remained untouched. The three widows now look forward to a life of mourning.

(Adapted from The Oxford Dictionary of Plays ed. Michael Patterson. ISBN 0198604173