Composers and their stage works 


Latterday Plays by Neil Labute


Medea Redux

Speaking into a tape recorder, a dim, endearing young woman remembers being seduced by a schoolteacher when she was 14 and as a result became pregnant. She has to wait for years to wreak a Medea-like revenge on him but wreak it she does.

Iphigenia in Orem

A travelling salesman is tortured by fears of losing his job whilst having tormenting memories of his child's death in the marriage bed, a child whom he confesses to having suffocated to give the impression the child had died a cot-death. He reasons that because of the tragedy of the loss of his child his job will be saved.

A Gaggle of Saints

Concealed under beneath a mask of all-American charm and wholesomeness, two parallel streams of consciousness diverge. John, a cute Mormon student nonchalantly explains what happened when he and his attractive girlfriend, Sue, left their Boston college for a weekend of partying in Manhattan. The couple dance to the middle America's times. John, who is a bishop's son and who says the scriptures come down on homosexuality, ends up with other men enthusiastically beating a gay man to a pulp in Central Park. John basks on the moral high-ground describing the killing in loving detail as a duty and religious ritual. Religious leaders may urge the loving of gay sinners but by stigmatising gay acts they incite just such murders.