Disillusion in a Dream

(El desengaño en un sueño)

written 1842, produced. 1875

Angel de Saavedra

Dramatic fantasy about Marcolán, an old magician living in seclusion with his restless son Lisardo, who wishes to go out into the world. While Lisardo is asleep, Marcolán causes him to dream of adventures in the outside world. First, Lisardo marries his beloved Zora, but soon, coveting wealth and fame, he deserts her. With the Queen's assistance, he murders the King and reigns in his place. But this does not bring him happiness. He discovers that the Queen is plotting against him, that the people too have turned against him, and that Zora is dead. He tries to escape but is captured. While awaiting execution, he is awakened by Marcolán, to whom he confesses that he is, after all, content to remain where he is.