Playwrights and their stage works 

Théâtre de Complicité

Now known as Complicité

Founded in 1983 by Simon McBurney, Annabel Arden and Marcello Magni, the company has created more than 27 productions, touring to over 180 cities in 41 countries over 4 continents - winning over 25 major international awards.

Contact address: 20-24 Eden Grove, London N7 8EA

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Stage Works

  1. Put It On Your Head (Directed and Devised by The Company) 1983
  2. A Minute Too Late (devised by Jozef Houben, Simon McBurney and Marcello Magni with Annabel Arden) 1984
  3. More Bigger Snacks Now (Devised by The Company) 1986
  4. Foodstuff (Commissioned by the Greenwich Festival) 1986
  5. Please, Please, Please 1986
  6. Anything For A Quiet Life (Devised by The Company) 1987
  7. Ave Maria (a one-woman show) 1988
  8. The Phantom Violin (A melodramatic operetta) 1988
  9. My Army Parts I and II (A one-man show with Tim Barlow) 1989
  10. The Lamentations of Thel 1989
  11. Help! I'm Alive 1990
  12. The Street of Crocodiles (Directed by Simon McBurney. Based on the stories of Bruno Schulz. Adapted by Simon McBurney & Mark Wheatley) - 1992-94
  13. Out of a house walked a man... (Directed by Simon McBurney. Based on the writings of Daniil Kharms. Adapted by Jos Houben, Simon McBurney and Mark Wheatley. Devised by The Company) - 1994-95
  14. The Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol (Directed by Simon McBurney; Based on a story by John Berger from 'Pig Earth'; Adapted by Simon McBurney & Mark Wheatley; Devised by The Company) 1994-96
  15. Foe (Based on the novel by JM Coetzee; Adapted by Mark Wheatley from an idea by Annabel Arden) - 1996
  16. To The Wedding (Based on the novel by John Berger; Adapted by Simon McBurney, John Berger and Mark Wheatley) - 1997
  17. The Vertical Line ( Written by John Berger with Sandra Voe) - 1999
  18. Mnemonic (Conceived & Directed by Simon McBurney; Devised by The Company) - 1999-2001
  19. Light (Based on the book by Torgny Lindgren; Adapted by Simon McBurney and Matthew Broughton; Devised by The Company) - 2000
  20. The Noise of Time (Conceived & Directed by Simon McBurney in association with The Emerson String Quartet. Based on an idea by Philip Setzer. Created through improvisation by the Company with Charlotte Medcalf and Jan Knightley) - 2000-02
  21. Strange Poetry (Conceived and Directed by Simon McBurney. Created in collaboration with Artistic & Musical Collaborator Gerard McBurney ) 2004
  22. Vanishing Points (Written by John Berger and Anne Michaels) 2005
  23. A Disappearing Number (Conceived and Directed by Simon McBurney: Devised by the Company: Original Music Nitin Sawhney) - 2007