Playwrights and their stage works 

Royall Tyler

(1757 - 1826)

Born in Boston and educated at Harvard College from where he graduated in 1776. He was awarded at degree by Yale College as a mark of singular intellectual promise. He took up law studies but in 1786 was appointed a major in the company of General Benjamin Lincoln and sent to western Massachusetts to assist with putting down Shay's Rebellion.


  1. The Contrast (1790)
  2. The Doctor in Spite of Himself (based on the play by Molière)
  3. The Island of Barrataria (based on an episode from Cervantes Don Quixote Part II)
  4. The Origin of the Feast of Purim or The Destinies of Haman and Mordecai (pub. 1941)
  5. Joseph and His Brethren (Pub. 1941)
  6. The Judgement of Solomon (Pub. 1941)