August Wilson

Drama 2 Acts - New Haven 1985

Troy Maxson and his friend Bono get together for their routine Friday night drink on Troy's porch, and the interruptions by Troy's wife Rose, and would-be-hipster son Lyons provide Troy an opportunity to air his hard-earned wisdom ... and also wonder if he will keep his garbage job after complaining to the union that black men were never allowed to drive the truck.

Troy's brother Gabe suffered a massive war-wound to the head and now believes he is the Archangel Gabriel; his compensation helped Troy build his house, but although he is now moved and lives across the street, Troy still has to bail him out from jail.

Reformed ex-con Troy, son of a violent failed sharecropper, killed a man during a robbery and served fifteen years; he was also a fine baseball player whose experience of prejudice in sport brings him into conflict with son Cory, who has an opportunity in pro football. Troy's life and dedication to his responsibilities have imbued him with a kind of nobility, but his family turn against him when he seizes a chance of carefree happiness with young Alberta. She dies in childbirth and Rose will look after the baby - but no longer be a wife to Troy.

Troy finally finishes building the wooden fence around his property - to keep death out and loved ones in - but seven years later is dead, mourned by all - even son Cory, now in the Marines - and he is given an appropriate send-off by 'Archangel' Gabe.


Troy Maxson
Jim Bono
Lyons, Troys' eldest son by a previous marriage
Cory, Troy and Rose's son
Raynell, Troy's daughter by Alberta