Composers and their stage works 


The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch

A Farcical Tragedy: James L. Rosenberg. 10 men, 3 women, extras. Exterior

To the ambitious little town of Gopher Gulch Sneaky Fitch is an abrasive disgrace - a no-good, drunken, brawling nuisance. When he falls ill there is a sigh of relief, and when he apparently dies (thanks to some suspicious "medicine" administered by the departing Doc Burch) there are few tears. But when Sneaky rises from his coffin the picture changes, for no one dares confront a man who has come back from the dead. Capitalising on his "invincibility" Sneaky soon takes over as sheriff, mayor and town banker - not to mention being the man who faces down Rackham, the fastest gun in the West. In short, where he was formerly unbearable he is now insufferable. But mortality (thanks to the reappearance of Doc Burch) suddenly returns, and once the truth is out it's curtains for Sneaky - this time for keeps - and all ends boisterously and happily.
ISBN: 0-8222-0289-1

Death and the Maiden

Play. Ariel Dorfman
M2 (45, 50) F1 (40). A dining/living-room.

Set in a fragile new South American democracy, this piece concerns Paulina who fifteen years ago, was picked up by the police blindfolded and tortured. When Roberto stops to help Gerardo, whose car has broken down, and brings him home, Paulina is convinced he is one of her torturers. Husband and wife are caught in a gripping, passionate deadlock: one liberal and judicious, the other victimized and full of hatred, coming to grips with an oppressor. NB. The text of the 1992 Broadway premiere must be used in all performances.

Death and the Maiden

Play. Georgina Reid
M2 (young, 50) F5 (teenage, 40, 50, 70). A living-room.

After twenty years abroad beautiful Sylvia returns to visit her mother and spinster sister, Mavis, bringing with her her daughter Rose whose plainness arouses in old Mrs Bell the same enmity that has led her to mistreat Mavis for so long. Rose shows spirit and humour in dealing with her grandmother, but when Mrs Bell is frightened almost to death, and the family are the only suspects, this gentle play develops sinister overtones, and surprising revelations about Mavis come to light. Period early twentieth century.
ISBN 0 573 11240 1

Death of a Salesman

Arthur Miller : Drama 8M 5F Interior set

A probing examination of the myths of the self-made man, this Pulitzer Prize- winning play presents the last days of Willy Loman, a failing salesman who seeks to find out by a tragic series of soul-searching revelations of the past life he has lived with wife, his sons and his business associates, just where and how he has failed to win success and happiness. A moving piece of theatre from the master.

The Death of Cool

Alan Pollack : Drama 3M 2F Flexible staging

At the centre of Alan Pollock's satirical black comedy is Switch, a charismatic graduate who makes a substantial living from large-scale benefit fraud. With the help of two hangers-on, the would-be club DJ Richie and Tara, an aspiring actress, Switch has assumed a variety of identities up and down the country. With regimental planning effective as clockwork, he aims to be the greatest fraudster of his generation despite the misgivings of his best friend Lisa, who rightly suspects that his scheming can't last forever. This heady mix quickly reaches boiling point with the arrival of Terry Nei man, a builder who has been working abroad. Switch has been using his identity in the mistaken belief that he is dead, but a very much alive Newman wants vengeance. His attempt to blackmail Switch and the others leads to a white-knuckle ride through the underside of contemporary Britain in an age of scams, schemes and deception.
ISBN: 0 85676 234 2

The Death of Papa

Play Horton Foote. 4 men, 7 women, 1 boy. Unit Set.

The play begins by introducing the next generation of Robedauxs in the person of Horace's son, Horace Jr., who comes home from school to find that his maternal grandfather, Henry Vaughn, has died suddenly of a heart attack. From this point two main story lines are traced in the play. One deals with young Horace's coming to terms with the concepts of life, death and familial relationships. He finds that his mother, Elizabeth, is expecting another baby; he listens to, and asks many questions about, the widely contrasting accounts of his two grandfathers; and he. endures the fussing of his paternal grandmother, who's fearful that his love of reading will make him too introspective and "ruin him" for the real world. He must also come to grips with the drowning of Gertrude, a young black girl who was his confidante and friend. The other story line concerns "Brother" Vaughn, Henry Vaughn's dissolute son, who, in the short time during which he has control, heads his late father's farms and other holdings on a course toward rapid ruin. When his mother takes back control of the estate, Brother heads off to Galveston where he subsequently kills a man in a drunken brawl. Through all of this, Horace Sr. maintains his own counsel, although he stands up to his mother concerning his son's love of reading, and he comforts his wife, Elizabeth, through the crises affecting her family. But he refrains, even when asked, from interfering in the family's affairs and, as the play ends, the suggestion is strong that things are subtly, but inexorably, beginning to flow his way.
ISBNs 0-8222-0292-1

The Death of Zukasky

Play. Richard Strand. 4 men, 1 woman. Interior.

Preparing for their usual morning conference, three sales associates discover their supervisor, Zukasky, dead, with his feet up on his desk. All three of them are next in line for Zukasky's job. A.C. immediately begins to scheme; Anne is insecure; and Barry is all indecision and blithering. What's worse, their department head, Marlino, announces that Barry will, indeed, take over, leaving Anne stupefied and unacknowledged for her ten years of experience in the company. Bit by bit, A.C. begins to plant sly suggestions in his co-worker's minds, embroiling them all in a feud that should leave him coming out on top. In a farcical climax, A.C. and Anne stage a break-in that inadvertently gets both she and Barry fired. The last scene of the play has A.C. in triumph, ascending to the managerial level, where it's clear this climber won't be satisfied for long.
ISBN: 0-8222-0293-X

Death Walked In

Play. Bettine Manktelow
M3 (30, 60s) F4 (teens, 20, 30, 40). An hotel lounge.

Celia, lonely and highly strung, is struggling to run her small country hotel. Her charming, rakish step-son, Rex, is no help. Joan and her tearaway sister, Eva, are staying at the hotel which represents something of a romantic pilgrimage for loan who, after ten years, still believes herself in love with Rex. Events lead to a suicide (or is it murder?). The climax involves mistaken identity and mislaid cyanide!
ISBN 0 573 11127 8


Thriller: Ira Levin
M3 (25, 50s F2 (40, 50). A study.

A hugely popular stage and screen success, this ingeniously constructed play offers a rare and skilful blending of two priceless theatrical ingredients - gasp-inducing thrills and spontanteous laughter. Unknown dramatist Clifford Anderson has sent his new thriller to award-winning Broadway author Sidney for comment - or has he? Without a success to his credit for some years, Sidney plots with his reluctant wife Myra about how best to plagiarise 'Deathtrap' and when Clifford turns up to discuss the play with the 'Master' events take a sinister turn.
ISBN 0 573 11121 9


Thriller. Ira Levin. 3 men, 2 women. Interior.

Seemingly comfortably ensconced in his charming Connecticut home, Sidney Bruhl, a successful writer of Broadway thrillers, is struggling to overcome a "dry" spell which has resulted in a string of failures and a shortage of funds. A possible break in his fortunes occurs when he receives a script from a student in the seminar he has been conducting at a nearby college - a thriller which Sidney recognizes immediately as a potential Broadway hit. Sidney's plan, which he devises with his wife's help, is to offer collaboration to the student, an idea which the younger man quickly accepts. Thereafter suspense mounts steadily as the plot begins to twist and turn with devilish cleverness, and with such an abundance of thrills and laughter, that audiences will be held enthralled until the final, startling moments of the play.
ISBN: 0-8222-0294-8

Deborah's Daughter

Pam Gems : 4m 3f. Drama Multipurpose set.

Deborah, widow of an oil tycoon, and her daughter, Stephanie, are caught in a coup in the North African state where their inherited riches lie. Gems, the award winning author of Stanley, has created an intense play which examines the global issue of the West's role in the developing world through the more personal issue of the relationship between Deborah and her daughter.
ISBN 1854592475

The Debutante Ball

Comedy/Drama. Beth Henley. 2 men, 5 women. Unit Set

This stunning comic drama, set in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, begins the morning of Teddy Parker's débutante ball, that archetypal phenomenon in Southern culture known as a maiden's "coming out." Teddy's mother, the beautiful and formidable Jen Parker Turner, has willed this event into being. Ostracised from polite society ever since she was accused and - under much speculation and gossip - acquitted of the murder of her wealthy husband, Jen has been looking to Teddy's coming-out gala to revive her and her family's reputation. As the play unfolds, various secrets emerge: an unwanted pregnancy, an illicit romance, self mutilation, mendacity and murder. Polite facades crumble and ugly truths twist and polka across the ballroom floor. This is a play about the price of secrets and the power that love and lovelessness hold over our lives.
ISBN: 0-8222-1583-7


Play. Paul Wheeler
ML (early 20s) Fl (early 40s). A consulting room, a bedsitter.

Julia Smythe is a psychiatrist. A mysterious young man comes into her Mayfair consulting rooms for treatment for impotence and a tendency towards compulsive lying. Quickly, the psychoanalyst becomes hooked on the case of this strange young man, curing him to the point where he seemingly stops lying and falls in love with her. We are plunged into a complex, perverse situation right, it seems almost, out of Jacobean drama. '... intriguing ... neatly structured and snappily written.' Independent
ISBN 0 573 69287 4

The Decision

Bertolt Brecht See The Measures Taken

The Decorator.

Comedy. Donald Churchill : M I (53) F2. A flat.

Marcia has a surprise visitor: Jane, the wife of the man with whom Marcia is having an affair, who has come to take her revenge by informing Marcia's husband of his wife's infidelity. Marcia is at her wits end then has a brilliant idea. It seems her housepainter is a part-time professional actor. Marcia hires him to impersonate her husband, Reggie at the big confrontation later that day, when the wronged wife plans to return and spill the beans. From then on hilarity piles on hilarity ...
ISBN 0 573 69127 4