Composers and their stage works 


Great Expectations

Barbara Field, adapted from the novel by Charles Dickens
Light Drama 6M 4F 2 boys 1 girl Doubling Flexible staging

A rich theatrical re-telling of the famous classic which captures the full flavour and style of Dickens' immortal novel. Using a simple unit set and making resourceful use of a brilliantly theatrical storytelling technique, the play conveys all the energy and warmth of Dickens' richly human store with cinematic quickness and fluidity. Shifting deftly from scene to scene and from place to place, the play involves the audience at every step, building steadily to the climax where Pip gives moving evidence that in growing up he has also come of age as a compassionate and admirable human being.
ISBN: 0 8222 0481 9

Great Expectations

Play. Hugh Leonard, adapted from the novel by Charles Dickens
M9 F5. Doubling possible. Various interior and exterior settings.

Bringing to life all the vivid characters of the original and conveying the story with great clarity, atmosphere and theatrical flair, Hugh Leonard's adaptation of Charles Dickens's most popular novel is both exciting and haunting. Period early 19th century.
ISBN 0 573 01778 6

Great Solo Town

Play. Thomas Babe. 5 men, 4 women. Unit Set

The play is comprised of two distinctly separate, yet interconnected, acts in which a group of high-spirited young people learn of the shooting and then the death of Robert Kennedy. The action begins in a park, where several teenagers - male and female - talk tough, rail against their parents and experiment with drugs and sex. Their actions seem almost aimless and random on this warm spring night until the news that Kennedy has been assassinated leaves them stunned and unable to comprehend the meaning of this awful era. In the second act a young couple go home together, joined by another boy. Sex is on their minds but they are distracted by the droning TV set which monitors the ebbing life of the mortally wounded Kennedy. When word of his death finally comes their emotions give way at last in a flood of anger and confused bitterness. But, as they reach out to console and somehow reassure each other, the young couple decide that it is love, rather than mere sex, which draws them together. And as the other boy leaves they prepare to go to bed - hopeful of a meaningful and lasting relationship, but also fearful and unsure that this can be possible in a world so filled with sudden violence and mindless destructiveness.
ISBN: 0-8222-0485-1

Greatest Hits

(in Greatest Hits) Thomas McLaughlin | 2m. Short drama. Single interior set.

A tense psychological thriller involving a deadly game of words and deception between two Irish hit-men during a seemingly casual meeting. A taut and explosive exploration of the mentality of men caught up in the underground world of terrorism.
ISBN 1854593528

Green Fingers

Play. Michael Wilcox | M 10 F1. Various simple settings.

When a young gardener and his lover are accused of burglary, the ensuing trial g exposes the fear, prejudice and blackmail so often faced by homosexuals in this play from the author of Rents and Massage. Premiered at the Northern Stage Company with Live Theatre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in 1990, it was subsequently revived at the Kings Head Theatre, Islington, in December 1990.

Green Julia

Comedy/Drama Paul Ableman : 2 men. Interior

Two university students, one a physiologist, the other an economist, have been sharing an apartment, but now one of them is about to depart for work abroad. They also share an enthusiasm for game-playing, and the most active communication between them is expressed through hilarious fantasy-like skits, replete with outlandish accents and parodied characterizations. The departing roommate also has a sometime mistress, a boozy older woman named Julia, whom he would like to bequeath to his friend, and it is his attempts to set this up which bring on the most wildly funny bits of play-acting leading on, ultimately, to a suddenly serious yet subtly revealing denouement.


Comedy. Tom Dudzick | M3 (30s, mid 60s) F2 (29, mid 60s) A sitting-room and dining-room, with insert.

Andy Gorski has a sweet Catholic mother, a sour Catholic father and a severely retarded younger brother who live in a working-class neighbourhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When Andy reluctantly brings home his Jewish atheist fiancee to meet the folks on Christmas Eve, his worst fears about family blowups are realise. Brother Mickey, whose vocabulary thus far has been limited, suddenly says "Greetings!" and sends us on a wild, improbable and hilarious exploration into the nature of earthly reality.
ISBN 0 573 69257 2

The Grey Zone

Drama. Tim Blake Nelson. Based on actual events during World War II. 7 men, 1 woman. Interior.

Recruited by the Nazis, a group of Hungarian Jews are promised they will live longer if they assist in the extermination of other Jewish prisoners. As if their lives in the concentration camp weren't already a living hell, these men find that assisting the Nazis in the extermination of other Jews has turned them into the living dead. Realising they too will soon be exterminated, the group plans to blow up the crematoria with smuggled explosives and then try to escape. But as they set their plan in motion and plant the explosives, they make a horrific discovery: while removing corpses from a gas chamber, they find a young woman who barely survived the gas. While debating whether to put her out of.her misery, or smuggle her to another camp where she may five, they are caught. As the Nazis interrogate them, the girl is killed, and ultimately all but one of the Sonderkommando are put to death. The lone survivor is left to ponder his actions and the value of life for the rest of his days.
ISBN: 0-8222-1574-8