Composers and their stage works 


Inside Job

Thriller. Brian Clemens
M2 (30s, 40s) Fl (30s). A living-room.

Spain is a well-known haven for criminals who skip abroad. On the Costa del Sol, professional safecracker Larry has struck it lucky. Gorgeous Suzy asks him to steal the diamonds from her husband Alex's safe and run away with her to Rio. At the same time Alex also employs Larry to murder Suzy for her £100,000 life insurance policy. Larry decides to tell Suzy about her husband's plans, and they together plot to steal the diamonds, murder Alex, and make off with the dividend from Alex's similar insurance policy. Several twists add to the suspense in this exciting thriller.
ISBN 0 573 01792 1

Inside Trading

Comedy. Malcolm Bradbury. Heavily adapted from the play Jugend Voran or HoRuck by Paul Vulpius
M 12 F2, M 10 F2 with doubling. An executive suite.

Based on a 1933 German satire by Paul Vulpius, Malcolm Bradbury has written a satirical comedy for the nineties, moving the play to an age of the dream-filled, scheme-filled millennium and the big deal. Set in Battenberg's, an ancient London merchant bank with a proud tradition and suspect past, the play centres on a rogue trader whose ambitions for his own survival draw in government, European funding and our millennial dreams.


Play. Terry Johnson
M3 (40s, middle-age, 70) Fl (30s). An hotel room.

It is New York, 1953. High above the city, in a luxury hotel bedroom, on a hot summer's night, four of America's most famous legends-a beautiful film star, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, a renowned baseball player and an infamous senator-meet for an extraordinary confrontation. '... a young writer of peculiar promise ... Mr Johnson is that rare creature; a moralist with wit. He writes with responsible gaiety.' Guardian ' ... tremendously powerful and moving ...' Time Out

Inspecting Carol

Comedy. Daniel Sullivan and The Seattle Repertory Co.
M7 (African-American 30, 40s, 60s) F4 (40s, 60s). 1 boy (11). A bare stage.

Dickens's A Christmas Carol meets Gogol's Government Inspector meets Noises Off in this hilarious American hit which satirises theatre management and the rehearsal process. An amateur actor decides to turn professional and auditions for a small American Midwest theatre. He is so naïve that he is suspected of being an informer for the government and soon everyone is obsequiously trying to cater to the bewildered wannabe actor.
ISBN 0 573 69368 2

An Inspector Calls

Play. J. B. Priestley
M4 (25, 30, 50s) F3 (20s, 50). A dining-room.

The action of the play occurs in an English industrial city when a young girl commits suicide and an eminently respectable British family is subject to a routine inquiry in connection with the death. An inspector calls to interrogate the family, and during the course of his questioning, all members of the group are implicated lightly or deeply, in the girl's undoing. The family, closely-knit and friendly at beginning of the evening, is shown up as selfish, self-centered or cowardly, its good humour turning to acid, and good fellowship to dislike, before the evening is over. Surprising revelation, however, is in the inspector - who turns out to be no copper at all, but a mysterious individual with full knowledge of everyone's connection with the suicide. The novel closing switch occurs after the false inspector has been shown up and no suicide has been recorded, and an actual policeman preparing to show with a last-minute suicide reported, to tie in mysteriously with all the foregoing.
ISBN 0573012059

Inspector Drake and the Perfekt Crime.

Comedy. David Tristram
M3 F2. A living-room.

When a genius commits a murder, the plan is perfect. But is it foolproof? Inspector Drake is back to face his greatest-ever challenge. Who is the mysterious Doctor Short, and why did he marry a warthog? Has he murdered his fourth wife-or did she murder him first? These are just some of the questions facing the indomitable Drake in this hilarious sequel to Inspector Drake and the Time Machine.

Inspector Drake and the Time Machine.

Comedy whodunit. David Tristram
Nine characters, may be played by a cast of five with doubling. Interior of an old house, a spaceship.

The professor's dead body is found floating weightlessly in the study, his daughter has vanished, and everything points to the mysterious Time Machine. Can the intrepid Inspector Drake, ably hampered by Sergeant Plod, solve the crime of the century'.>-the thirtieth century that is. Fasten your seat belts for a comedy that's way ahead of its time!

Inspector Drake's Last Case.

Comedy. David Tristram
M7 F4 or 5. A room.

No-one could have foreseen the strange events that took place one dark evening at the home of Mrs Gagarin. We see her taking a stroll. Next she screams, 'Who is it'? Oh, it's you!' Next a gunshot! It's up to the world's greatest detective to solve the crime. But, in the words of Sergeant Plod, 'don't believe everything you see ... ' After all, is it safe to say that Mrs Gagarin is actually dead?