Composers and their stage works 


Jack the Lad

A musical celebration. Book and lyrics by David Wood and Dave and Toni Arthur. Music by Dave and Toni Arthur
M6 (20s, 50s, 80) F4 (20s-40s). 3 children, 1 dog. A gypsy encampment.

In a gypsy encampment, a series of Jack tales and songs (from Little Jack Homer, through Jack and the Beanstalk to Spring Heeled Jack) is performed by the gypsies, with singing and dancing, a mumming play, a shadow-mime and puppetry, to celebrate the eightieth birthday of their senior member, Jack the Lad. Vocal score sold separately.
ISBN 0 573 01801 4

Jack the Ripper

Musical reconstruction. Ron Pember and Denis de Marne
M8 (young, middle-age) F8 (young). Extras. Equally suitable for small drama societies as well as musical societies. Composite standing set: a music hall, a pub, London streets.

The play is a musical reconstruction of the East End murders which took place in 1888, an atmospheric commentary rather than an historical re-enactment, shifting between reality and artificiality, with characters representing 'real' people as well as members of the music hall audience and players. Period late Victorian
ISBN 0 573 08042 9

Jackie Lantern's Hallowe'en Revenge

Play. Burton Cohen. 3 men, 2 women. Exterior.

It's Hallowe'en night and trouble's brewing on the porch of a "typical" American farmhouse, where a jack-o'-lantern named "Jackie" glows and flickers diabolically. Mother and Father, daughter Betsy, and son Tom, are getting ready for a local masquerade party when the Sheriff arrives with bad news. He's been sent to the farmhouse to find out "whodunnit," even though he isn't sure what it is the culprit "dun." The family is immediately wracked with, guilt, certain that one of them has committed a heinous crime. Mother and Father suspect that Tom is the guilty party, and attempt to drown him. Then Mother tries to wing Betsy with a shotgun. And Father, aping the investigations he's seen in the movies, persuades the others into making lurid confessions, including, finally, Mother's tortured admission that "I did it and I'm glad!" What she did, it turns out, was to find Betsy and Tom in a sack at the train station many years before, and to claim that they were her own children. Her revelation throws the family into a frenzy of remorse and regret that ends only when the Sheriff receives word that he's at the wrong farmhouse, and that no one here "duni anything after all. Relieved that their ordeal is over, the family heads off at last for the masquerade party, with Betsy dressed as a pregnant prom queen, and Tom decked out in high heels and a dress - while "Jackie" glows ever more brightly (and maniacally) in the descending darkness.
ISBN; 0-8222-0587-4

Jacob's Ladder

Play. Barbara Graham. 3 men, 2 women. Interior

The action of the play takes place in the storefront studio/flat of Leona, a budding young San Francisco painter whose estranged husband, Will, has gone off and left her with the responsibility of raising their tenyear-old son, Jacob. Now Will, an itinerant geologist, has suddenly returned, claiming that he is a changed man who wants to reunite his family and take them off to Mexico. But, in Will's absence, Leona has begun to create a new life: her career is beginning to build; and she has a new boyfriend, peter, who is as sensitive and thoughtful as Will is selfish and irresponsible. Yet Leona is still drawn to the handsome Will, resulting in a tug of war in which Jacob becomes the innocent pawn with the most, to lose. Retreating to his loft bed (Jacob's ladder) the boy ponders his situation, while his mother reluctantly accepts the truth that divorce is the only way to protect what she has struggled to achieve. In the end Jacob, moved by his father's pleas, decides to go off with him to Mexico - at least for a trial period - leaving Leona, once again, to grapple with the task of building a stable life out of the discord created by the unfortunate behavior of others.
ISBN: 0-8222-0586-6

Jane Eyre

Play. Willis Hall, adapted from the novel by Charlotte Brontë
M4 F8, with doubling. Various simple settings.

Whilst retaining all the familiar passionate qualities of Charlotte Brontë's novel, Willis Hall successfully transposes the nineteenth-century world of Jane Eyre to the stage with simply staged short interconnected scenes and intimate locations. With the passages of direct narration broken up and shared out amongst the Company, a fictional tale of a penniless, plain girl becomes a work of great emotional force in the most complete stage adaptation of the classic novel.
ISBN 0 573 01802 2

Jane Eyre

Drama. Helen Jerome. Dramatised from Charlotte Brontë's novel
M7 (20s, 30s, elderly) F9 (18, 20s, 30s, middle-age, elderly). 1 girl (7). A library, a living-room.

Literature has not duplicated such a love story as follows between the embittered, tragically lonely Rochester, landed proprietor and Jane's employer, and Jane 'untouched and innocent but intellectually his equal'. We meet Rochester's mad wife; follow Jane through her frustrated marriage and flight; her happy association with Diana and St John Rivers; her coming into her fortune; and the happy ending.
ISBN 0 573 01207 5

Jane Eyre

Play. Charlotte Brontë. Adapted by Charles Vance
M4 (30s) F6 (young, 18, 20s, middle age, elderly) (F5 with doubling), 1 child. A library and passageway.

Focusing on the love story between Jane and Rochester, the play begins as Jane arrives in 1846 to take up the post of governess to Rochester's ward, Adèle, at Thornfield Hall. Jane and Rochester fall in love but their happiness is jeopardised with the discovery of the terrible secret from Rochester's past, resolved by the dramatic fire which maims Rochester. The action, contained in a single setting with one small inset scene, makes for exciting theatre.
ISBN 0 573 01803 0

Jane Eyre

Polly Teale
3m 5f min, doubling. Drama. Minimal set.

This new adaptation by Polly Teale for Shared Experience Theatre Company first seen at the Young Vic follows their success with Anna Karenina, War and Peace and The Mill on the Floss. 'Puts the interior life of the book on the stage as well as its narrative. Adaptations of this quality can't be dismissed as a poor second to reading the book' Time Out.
ISBN 185459 329 3


Comedy. Samson Raphaelson. 7 men, 4 women. Interior

Jason Otis is a drama critic, whose convictions on life and art are set. He marries Lisa, a charming woman. But Jason's life is ruffled by the entrance of a temperamental young playwright, Mike Ambler. Mike's talents and joy of living are quite the opposite of Jason's. Furthermore, Mike is attracted to Lisa. Jason is angry, and this grows ache realizes that Lisa is also attracted to Mike. Then begins Jason's education. He, too, finds some-. thing in Mike's vitality that is attractive. The grave critic is gradually transformed into an understanding human being, and what promised to be an affair between Lisa and Mike is broken off when Lisa realizes that Jason is more of a man than she had thought him. Jason's attempts to enjoy life and other people under Mike's guidance forms the comedy of the play. The climax is reached when Jason, fearing the loss of his wife, has to review Mike's new play. His first impulse is to praise it; his second to damn it. He then reveals the completeness of his spiritual education, and he realizes all the good that is in the young genius.


Comedy. Paul Rudnick. 7 men, 1 woman. Unit Set

Jeffrey, a gay actor/waiter, has sworn off sex after too many bouts with his partners about what is "safe" and what is not. In gay New York, though, sex is not something you can avoid. Whether catering a ditzy socialite's "Hoe-down for AIDS" or cruising at a funeral, at the gym or in the back rooms of an anonymous sex club; at the annual Gay Pride Parade, or in the libidinous hands of a father-confessor, Jeffrey finds the pursuit of love and just plain old physical gratification to be the number one preoccupation of his times - and the source of plenty of hilarity. Suddenly, just after he's reconciled himself to celibacy, Jeffrey's flamboyant. friends introduce him to the man of his dreams, who also happens to be HIV positive. What follows is an audacious and moving romantic comedy with a difference - one in which the quest for love and really fabulous clothes meet, and where unflagging humour prevails even when tragedy might be just around the corner.
ISBN: 0-8222-1402-4

Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell

Play by Keith Waterhouse, based on the life and writings of Jeffrey Bernard
M1. M2 F2 playing at least 22 parts. A pub.

Gambler, journalist, fervent alcoholic and four-times married Jeffrey Bernard writes the weekly 'Low Life' column for the Spectator magazine, chronicling Soho life as well as offering a very personal philosophy on vodka, women and racecourses. From this, Keith Waterhouse has brilliantly constructed a play which is set in the saloon bar of Bernard's favourite Soho pub, the Coach and Horses.
ISBN 0 573 01804 9

Jekyll and Hyde

Play. Leonard H. Caddy, based on the novel Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
M4 (40, middle-age, 60) F4 (young, 20s, 30). Extra 1 child. A parlour and part of the adjoining laboratory.

Dr Jekyll is on the brink of discovering the key to man's inner reality. He experiments on himself, and finds to his delight that his formula works. Unfortunately, his 'real' self turns out to be the monster Edward Hyde. When Hyde brutally murders one of the young maids he realises there is only one course of action open to him ... Period 1851
ISBN 0 573 11186 3