Composers and their stage works 


Live Bed Show

Arthur Smith : Comedy 1M 1F Interior set

A boy meets girl tale for the over-30's finds one couple manoeuvring through a tussle of love, sheets and emotional ping-pong on a journey of discovery to find out which it's going to be. Anyone who has ever spent a night in a strange bed - brass bed, bunk bed or even flower bed - is sure to enjoy this delightful exploration of modern relationships.
ISBN: 0 85676 212 1

The Liver Birds

Carla Lane and John Chapman : Comedy 5M 4F Interior set

Following on from the huge success of the television series, The Liver Birds is the amusing story of Sandra and Beryl, adapted for the stage. Living together in a Merseyside apartment, the girls pursue their romantic interests while keeping their interfering mothers at bay. A constant stream of colourful and eccentric neighbours, ex-lovers, fathers and vicars parade through the flat to add to the overall confusion and enhance this very popular and nostalgic play.
ISBN: 0 85676 201 6

Lives Of the Great Poisoners

(in Churchill: PlaysThree). - Caryl Churchill, Music by Orlando Gough
5m 4f min. Drama with music and dance. Flexible staging.

A complex piece telling the stories of famous killers from Medea to Dr Crippen through dance, song and spoken dialogue. An incredibly rich and vibrant dramatic experience created by the same artistic partnership, Churchill and Gough, who produced the acclaimed Hotel.
ISBN 1 85459 342 0

Living At Home

Play Anthony Giardina. 4 men, 4 women. Interior.

Having dropped out of college, yet reluctant to tell his friends of his decision, John Bogle drifts aimlessly. He rejects his father's offer to take him into his business; derides his brother for his ambition; teases his younger sister and her musclebound boyfriend; and is unable to deal with the illness of his mother, who lies upstairs dying of cancer. Turning aside his family's well meant interest with flippant humour, or by reading passages from Eugene O'Neill, John's emotions rise to the surface only when challenged by a telling encounter with the sister of his brother's girlfriend, and in a poignant reunion with the unappealing girl who had idolised him in his high school days. But, in the end, John's cool buffoonery breaks down in the face of his family's continued concern and he undergoes an emotional catharsis, pouring out, at last, the pent up feelings and uncertainties which had been undermining his attempts to come to terms with life, in the youthful present and for the years to come.
ISBN: 0-8222-0682-X

Living Quarters.

Play. Brian Friel
M5 (24, 30s, middle age, 50s, 64) F4 (18, 20s) Composite set: a living-room, a garden.

Living Quarters reconstructs a day in the life of the Butler family in the village of Ballybeg. Frank Butler, who has served all his life in the Irish army, returns from United Nations service a hero, to learn of his young wife's affair with his son from a previous marriage. Parallels with Greek tragedy are marked in Friel's absorbing study of family relationships and the absence of a refuge from destiny.

The Living Room

Play. Grahame Greene
M2 (40, 65) F5 (20, 45, middle-age, 70). A living-room.

After her mother's death young Rose comes to live with her two elderly, religious aunts and their brother James, a crippled priest. Every room where someone has died has been shut up, leaving only one open. Rose, who has been the mistress of an elderly psychologist, wants to go away with him. She begs the help of the priest but when he can offer her no comfort she commits suicide in the one remaining room - the 'living room'.