Composers and their stage works 


Lloyd George Knew My Father

Comedy. William Douglas Home
M5 (20, 40s) F3 (20-40, 60). A living-room.

When Lady Boothroyd hears that the planning authorities are determined to drive a road through her grounds she announces her intention to kill herself the precise moment the bulldozers start on their shameful work. As the hour strikes and the bulldozers' roar is heard the old General enters in full regimental regalia, while his old ex-army servant sounds the Last Post. Then, as the whole family stands stricken, the door opens ...
ISBN 0 573 01233 4

Local Affairs

Play. Richard Harris
M4 (20, 40s) F5 (20-40, 60). A living-room, a bedroom, a kitchen.

An earlier version of Party Piece, this play ingeniously uses the same set to represent three different homes. We see Charles, preoccupied with finding a fancy dress costume, and Norma, obsessed with her garden and kitchen; Hilary, returned from a health farm to find her mother-in-law in residence; and Susan and Keith, unable to enjoy a weekend without their children. Add a suicidal Katy and an incorrect party date and we are set for a confusing evening!
ISBN 0 573 11236 3

The Local Authority

Play. Eduardo de Filippo. Translated by Carlo Ardito
M 15 (20, 60, middle-age, 75) F5 (20, 45, middle-age, 65). A living-room and a dining-room.

Antonio Barancano acts as the arbitrator in local disputes, but interference in a certain quarrel is resented and he is fatally wounded. His last hours are spent covering up the cause of his death so that his sons will not seek to avenge him. However, his assistant, Dr Fabio, feels that for once he must tell the truth, even if a blood-feud which will last for generations is the result.

Local Murder

Thriller. Peter Whalley
M4 (18, 30) F2 (30). A through lounge.

Alan is accused of murdering a young woman of dubious morals and this has a devastating effect on his family. His father, convinced the police are framing Alan, does some detective work of his own. He discovers a friend, Ron, visits the road regularly and the real reason for this, coupled with Alan's eventual confession, makes him tae matters into this own hands with tragic results. A domestic thriller with more than one surprising twist.
ISBN 0 573 01655 0


Play. Edward Albee. Adapted from the novel by Vladimir Nabokov. 6 men, 8 women. Unit Set

Lolita details the controversial obsession of Humbert Humbert, a middle-aged man of some education and refinement, to possess Dolores Haze, a pre-teen "nymphet." Comprised of a series of interrelated scenes which are commented on by an urbane narrator, the play follows the peregrinations of the increasingly desperate Humbert as he first marries Dolores's mother and then engineers her death - after which he and Lolita embark on a zigzag tour of America's motels, always one step ahead of another "dirty old man" with whom his hostage is in love. In the end, Lolita escapes Humbert's clutches only to marry a deaf man and die in childbirth - her tormentors, in turn, follow their own destinies toward either madness or murder.
ISBN: 0-8222-0683-8

The Loman Family Picnic

Comedy/Drama. Donald Margulies. 3 men, 2 women. Interior.

The setting is a new "luxury" high rise apartment with Spanish decor in Coney Island, the home of a middle-class Jewish family struggling to put up a good front even though continually short of cash. The father, Herbie, who sells lighting fixtures, is chronically overworked and underpaid; his wife, Doris, tells herself (and whomever may be listening) that she loves her life - even though, as the play begins, she is shredding her wedding dress to make a Halloween costume, their older son, Stewie, eagerly awaits his bar mitzvah with an eye less on its religious aspects than on the potential loot to be gained in gifts;, and the youngest son, Mitchell, is absorbed in writing a musical version of Death of a Salesman (entitled "Willy!") for his class at school. While they all strive to present an appearance of contentment and closeness, the family is beset by underlying tensions which burst forth when Herbie seizes his son's bar mitzvah money and, after an unseemly confrontation with everyone about how the bills for the celebration should be paid, storms out of the apartment. Mitchell's pain prompts him to show us a good portion of his new musical about the picnic. the Loman family should have. When - and if - Herbie returns home is dealt with ironically by the interpretation of four possible endings, played one after the other, and culminating in the most comically depressing of all - the actual outcome, in which Herbie and Doris sit in their usual oppressive silence while Herbie stabs moodily at his tuna salad diet plate.
ISBN: 0-8222-0684-6

The London Cuckolds.

Play. Edward Ravenscroft adapted by John Byrne
M9 (young, middle-age) F4 (young). Various simple interior and exterior settings.

Originally written in 1681, this adaptation by John Byrne, seen in Leicester and at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, in 1985, allows Ravenscroft's Rabelaisian wit to be sophisticated and polished rather than crudely vulgar. Two aldermen with young wives argue about the qualities in a woman that make for the secure marriage. But before long both husbands find themselves cuckolded, not once, but several times! Period 1600s
ISBN 0 573 01630 5

Lonely Hearts

Gill Adams : Comedy 2M 2F Interior set

A sparkling tale of romance and relationships. From school discos to Rita and Bernie's wedding day, Lonely Hearts spans twenty years in the lives of Rita and Bernie, and their best friends Silv and Bob. Their all-out search for the perfect mates of their dreams begins at the last school dance, when a shy and awkward Bernie and an equally uncomfortable Rita almost hit it off- but not quite. Bob is preparing to leave for the army, and sets out for one final conquest, with disastrous results for him and Silv. Rita and Bernie drift apart, and over the years each character finds themselves still trying to find true love. Finally, with ten days to Valentines Day, Rita hatches a plan. She and Silv decide to try the lonely hearts columns . . . and so do Bernie and Bob. In a hilarious scene of confused identities, all arrive unknowingly at a cowboy theme pub, dressed as Butch Cassidy and Calamity Jane in preparation for their blind dates. When they eventually meet, Bernie and Rita's encounter quickly leads to the wedding aisle, while the barbed wit of Silv and Bob quickly boils over into jealous tensions - neither can bury the past and begin anew. A farcical romance on one level, Lonely Hearts also skilfully explores the parts of relationships where things are too often left unsaid and emotions misdirected.
ISBN: 0 85676 218 0

Lonely Planet

Drama. Steven Dietz. : 2 men. Interior

Jody is in his forties and runs a map store. Not one for the outside world, he stays in his store all the time. His friend, Carl is in his late thirties and has been bringing chairs of dead friends into Jody's store and leaving them there. When Jody needs to take an AIDS test, Carl tries to convince him it is not only okay to leave the store, but also that he must take responsibility for his life. If he doesn't, he will join the set of chairs that Carl has taken great pains to place in the right spots around the store. Through their interaction, the two realize how grateful they are to have such a strong lasting friendship. Jody finally leaves the map store to take his HIV test and returns to find Carl sitting in a chair of his own. With this gesture, we know that Carl has joined the many of their friends who have died, but now Jody must take Carl's place as the caretaker.
ISBN: 0-8222-1404-0

The Lonesome West

Drama. Martin McDonagh. 3 men, 1 woman. Unit set

Walene and Coleman, two brothers living alone in their father's house after his recent death, find it impossible to exist without the most massive and violent disputes over the most mundane and innocent of topics. Only Father Welsh, the local young priest, is prepared to try to reconcile the two before their petty squabbling spiral into vicious and bloody carnage.
ISBN: 0-8222-1666-3