Composers and their stage works 



(in Cinzano) - Ludmila Petrushevskaya, Trans S. Mulrine
1m 2f. Forty-five minute drama. Simple set.

A man and a woman return to the Moscow flat she shares with her mother. They have just got married, and they bicker and churn over their loveless courtship. He is about to walk out when her mother comes back. Faced with her hostility; the two newly-weds leave together after all.
ISBN 1 85459 106 1

Love Affair

Alfred Shaughnessy, adapted from the original Coup de Soleil by Marcel Mithois
Comedy 4M 3F Interior set

A deliciously light and very funny version of the highly successful Paris comedy Coup de Soleil set in Paris in the spring of 1925. Valentine Matignon is a passionate and vivacious lady in her 40s who becomes bored with her regular lover and falls madly in love with a dashing young florist. When her son returns home with an older woman he wishes to marry, she is clearly not in approval but hardly in a position to criticize. Sparkling dialogue and excellent characterizations invest this play with a great sense of style.
ISBN: 0 85676 016 1

Love Among the Ruins

Drama. Elmer Rice. 8 men, .5 women. Unit Set.

Supported by a grant, archaeologist Arthur Dewing, a man of sixty, and his wife Suzanne, who is half his age, are studying the Roman ruins at Baalbek in Lebanon. The site is visited by a group of American tourists, including a Protestant bishop, his wife and daughter, a spinster school teacher, an aggressive businessman type and Suzanne's ex-husband, Neil. Having made a shamble of their marriage and his subsequent relationship, Neil begs Suzanne to return to him. Suzanne is torn between the safe, serene love she found with her husband and rekindled passion for Neil. As she weighs her dilemma the others begin to reveal themselves. The bishop and his wife lament their failure as parents, the school teacher confesses the arid loneliness of her life and the businessman endangers them all by pursuing the young daughter of a fierce Bedouin who had come to their camp. By the time they must leave, little has been left unsaid and Suzanne has been offered her freedom by Arthur. Her decision, to stay with the wiser, better man, brings deepened insight to all of them and underscores the evolving truth that men must seek life's true values as individuals before they can hope to find answers to the problems which plague society.

Love and Kisses

Comedy. Anita Rowe Block. 4 men, 4 women. Interior.

The Pringles, mother, father, engaged daughter and 18-year-old son, inhabit a comfortable house in a pleasant suburb of Detroit. The approaching nuptials of the daughter and an eligible young lawyer occupy the greater part of the family's attention until, on the day of his high-school graduation, son Buzzy Pringle announces that he has just married 15-year-old Rosemary Cotts with whom he has been going steady. Abruptly the attention shifts to these two. It is discovered that this is no shotgun wedding but, on the contrary, a mating of two innocents. Father Pringle is something of a meddler, a sort of gentle, male Gertrude Berg, and before he is through displaying his 'popism', he has helped to break up the marriage of his son and daughter-in-law, the engagement of his daughter and her fiancé and his own, hitherto placid, alliance. In the end, however, the children decide that they are to lead their own lives. Father mends his ways and smooths theirs and Mother tips him off that her bedroom was never really locked against him.
ISBN: 0-8222-0689-7

Love and Understanding

Joe Penhall. 2 men, 1 woman. Unit Set

Live-in lovers Neal and Rachel are overworked doctors. They rarely see each other and their relationship suffers for it. Enter Neal's old good-for-nothing friend, Richie, for a surprise visit, straight from South America - or somewhere. He needs a place to stay and Neal is too weak to say no. Rachel doesn't want him either, but Richie manipulates her, creating a sexual tension between them. Richie immediately uses this charge to stir up trouble between the couple, insinuating that Neal is boring and that Rachel needs a good time with a black sheep like himself. And while he works on Rachel, Richie steals drugs from Neal's office. By the end of Act One, Richie has declared his interest in Rachel, but she resists. In Act Two, she tells Neal about the pass, but Richie denies it. Thinking Neal doesn't care, Rachel sleeps with Richie, but the couple is caught by Neal. Richie almost delights in the trouble he's caused, and with more drugs, ends up comatose from an overdose. The strain of all that's happened causes Rachel and Neal to split up. Richie recovers, and takes off for Wales, leaving Neal and Rachel with a new-found understanding of one another which may or may not lead to reconciliation.
ISBN: 0-8222-1688-4

Love Diatribe

Comedy. Harry Kondoleon. 3 men, 4 women. Interior

Orin, a disenchanted librarian, arrives at his parent's home for dinner to find that his sister, Sandy, left her husband, moved back home, and began an affair with Mike, the next door neighbour, and an old childhood friend Orin used to taunt. Mrs. Anderson, Mike's mother, pops in and out of the action, constantly offering food and reminding Orin's family that she still blames them for her other son's death. Orin's parents, Gerry and Dennis, return home, having forgotten they invited Orin for dinner. With everyone together, crazy accusations, witty retorts and hilarious remembrances fill the scenes. Into this melée comes Frieda, a foreign exchange student destined for Mrs. Anderson's, but getting the wrong house. Frieda immediately falls for Orin, then takes over the gathering with her charm. To Orin she reveals she is actually the stand-in for the real exchange student, and can change accents to prove it. Frieda's ideas on love and how it can heal situations like the one she stumbled into, become overpowering when she infuses a tea party with a magical love potion made from flowers. She then delivers her "love diatribe" on how to cure the ills between all her new friends. Challenging Orin and Sandy to follow her advice, they have no choice but to do as she asks when everyone who drinks the tea becomes unconscious. Orin and Sandy pour out love to their family and friends who wake up more refreshed than they have ever been. Underneath the farcical tone, the play is a provocative call to recognising and using the healing power of love.
ISBNs 0-8222-0690-0

Love Forty

Play. Frank Vickery
M2 (20s ageing to 60s) F2 (20s ageing to 60s). A bedroom.

As Marcia and Ralph prepare to celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary, Marcia reflects on lonely years spent in an empty, loveless marriage. Conjuring up memories, Marcia watches her young self and Boy Ralph re-enact the pledges they made and the subsequent self-deception, lies and infidelities. Finally she decides to leave but with the help of Girl Marcia and Boy Ralph, the anniversary will be celebrated; the lie is buried again - and will continue.
ISBN 0 573 01826 X

Love in E-Flat

Comedy. Norman Krasna. 4 men, 2 women. Interiors.

Being a young intern, Howard is overworked and underpaid, but fortunately his girlfriend, Amy, has both a job teaching school and an apartment directly under his - which solves the problems of entertainment and transportation (not to mention romance) very handily. Mutual openness and trust are the keystones of their relationship, at least until Amy stumbles onto the fact that Howard has planted a "bug," or electronic listening device, in her apartment, and has been monitoring her comings and goings for months. Feeling betrayed by this evidence of calculated eavesdropping, Amy, in league with her married sister Bea, decides to manufacture some really choice bits of "conversation" for Howard to listen in on, suggesting for one thing that she is probably pregnant and for another that she has decided to take up again with a former, and very wealthy, boyfriend. Needless to say, Howard is rocked by this "news," although he can't let on to Amy. He and his roommate Mitch, a fellow intern, take turns maintaining a constant vigil at their listening post, waiting for further developments. What they overhear resolves Howard to "do the right thing," but his decision to propose to Amy is thwarted by her prior announcement that she is planning to marry her ex-fiancé. But if the exposure of Howard's deception started the whole thing, it is the eventual discovery of Amy's counter-deception which brings all back to balance, making Howard realize how much he has really loved her all along, and all ends as happily as it should.
ISBN: 0-8222-0691-9

Love Is a Time of Day

Comedy John Patrick : 1 man, 1 woman. Interior

As is necessary for a pretty girl with her own student apartment, April McGregor has learned to fend off wolves although she is hard pressed to cope with Skipper Allen, a particularly persuasive graduate student who is convinced that her secret wish is to have him move in with her. Thanks to a bad back, which suddenly acts up and leaves him temporarily immobile, Skipper unexpected achieves his goals, although not with the pliant acceptance he has hoped for. But then his challenge is to win April over to his amorous point of view-which results in a series of uproarious happenings, plus near expulsion for both of them. What finally almost thaws our steadfastly proper heroine is jealously managed through the unlikely,and silent, assistance of a department story dummy. But the ruse is discovered in time to preserve honor, and even the indomitable Skipper ultimately concedes defeat. However, true love (which was always there for the finding) comes to the fore when the two, at last, share a real and genuine moment of loss, which tells them how mature and meaningful their relationship could and should (and most certainly will) be.
ISBN: 0-8222-0692-7

Love Is Contagious

Comedy. Patricia McLaine. 4 men, 7 women. Interior

The action takes place in the Greenwich Village apartment of Sam Harway, artist, and Robbie Winters, newspaper reporter. Robbie's sister, Sally, wide-eyed and fresh from the farm, unexpectedly arrives in the "big city" looking for a place to stay, and hoping her brother will take her in. Against his better judgment (and his roommate's advice) he does. In no time she turns Sam's beloved art studio into her bedroom, adds feminine touches to the apartment, and makes friends with the landlady, the nosey spinster next door, a mercenary cab driver, a chronic gambler, a French pin-up model and other Village characters. She also helps to mend her brother's often broken engagement with Diane, his career-minded girlfriend, and falls in love with Sam's painting, and then (secretly) Sam himself. Warming to her, Sam decides to give Sally a surprise birthday party, but the surprise is his when Sally invites his former (and jealous) flame to the affair, in a well-meaning attempt to make things right. Some tense moments follow, but the merriment never slackens and true love, as it should, triumphs in the end.
ISBN: 0-8222-0693-5

Love Letters

A R Gurney : Performance piece 1M 1F Open stage

A unique and imaginative theatre piece which needs no theatre, no lengthy rehearsal, no special set, no memorisation of lines and no commitment from its two actors beyond the night of performance. The piece is composed of letters exchanged over a lifetime between two people who grew up together, went their separate ways, but continued to share confidences. As the actors read from the lifetime of exchanged letters aloud, what emerges is an evocative, touching, frequently funny but always telling pair of character studies in which what is implied is as revealing and meaningful as what is actually written down.
ISBN: 0 8222 0694

Love Me Along

Comedy Doris Frankel : 6 men, 5 women. Interior

Four people in love, search for a place to live and a way of life. A contested apartment becomes the background for the conflict between two glamorous sophisticates and two straight-forward, conscientious people, who have been used and abused by them. But it is more than a lining up of two couples; it is also the lining up of two different points of view.
ISBN: 0-8222-0695-1

Love Me Slender

Vanessa Brooks : Comedy 7F Interior set

"Remember girls - not slim for today. Not slim for tomorrow. But slim for life!" With these words Siobhan, the 'Achiever of the Year' inspires her hopeful new recruits in the Slim for Life dieting club. Siobhan has lost seven stone, found a new self, a fulfilling job and a wonderful husband. Armed with these she encourages others to achieve the same through a combination of diet and personal philosophy. Five stages - commitment, discipline, sacrifice, realisation and salvation - for the key to a new life. Can Jean, Claudette, Rosie and the rest win the fight with flab? The determination to succeed comes with a price and one not everyone is willing to pay. When the temptation rises and the motivation begins to wane, the edges begin to unravel in the face of Siobhan's autocratic rule. Just how much is the price worth paying?
ISBN: 0 85676 228 8