Composers and their stage works 


Minutes From the Blue Route

Drama. Tom Donaghy.
2 men, 2 women. Unit set

Minutes From the Blue Route unfolds over the course of one weekend as a family packs and unpacks their house, trying to consolidate four lives into one U-Haul truck. While tripping over each other on the way to work, weddings, picnics, trains and planes, each family member discovers more about themselves and each other. Tempers flare, truths emerge, and dreams collide with reality, as they all wrestle with their fears and defend their definition of "home."
ISBN: 0-8222-1608-6

The Miracle Worker

Play. William Gibson
M6 (9 (black), 20s, 40s, 60s, elderly) F7 (6, 8 (Black), 17, 20s, 35 (Black), middle-age). Composite setting.

Helen Keller is world-famous for her work with those born blind, deaf and dumb. The play tells the story of Annie Sullivan's efforts to teach Helen to communicate, fighting against the thoughtless indulgence of Helen's family and her doting possessive mother until, at last, Annie achieves the miracle of teaching Helen language. Here, Helen's life can truly be said to have begun. Period 1880
ISBN 0 573 61238 2

The Misanthrope

Comedy. Molière. English version by Tony Harrison
M8 F2. A room.

Commissioned by the National Theatre for the 1973 production starring Diana Rigg and Alec McCowen, Harrison's transposition of the action to the 'reign' of Charles de Gaulle helps to clarify the truly human dilemmas in the play so often obscured behind the frills and stiffness of traditional productions. This comedy of manners centres on the high-principled Alceste who cannot bring himself to temper the truth with tact and has the comic misfortune to be in love with the frivolous wayward Célimène Period 1966

The Misanthrope

Comedy. Molière. Translated into English verse by Richard Wilbur. 8 men, 3 women. Interior

Outraged and disheartened by the vain flattery and calculated duplicity of his fellow men, Alceste declares that, henceforth, he will speak only the truth - no matter what offence this might give. His philosophical friend Philinte counsels him to temper his rashness, but Alceste claims that he can no longer tolerate the conventions of saying one thing to a person's face and another behind his back. Ironically, Alceste is enamored of the young widow Celimene, whose malicious tongue and unceasing coquetry make her the embodiment of the very situation he professes to detest. Ultimately Alceste's directness involves him in a lawsuit and then a showdown with Celimene. But in the end it is Alceste who rejects the match when confidential letters are disclosed in which Celimene has set down scathing remarks about all her would-be lovers, Alceste included. Self-righteously he declares that he will renounce the world and seek a place where honesty can still flourish. As the curtain falls, however, the unruffled Philinte steps forward once more, taking Alceste in hand and urging him to accept things as they are and for what they are, pointing to the cynical moral that it is the wiser course to accept for the best what cannot be changed for the better.
ISBN: 0-8222-1389-3

The Miser

Comedy. Molière. Adapted by Miles Malleson
M11 (20s, middle-age, elderly) F3 (young, 20s, middle-age). A room in Paris.

Harpagon, the miser, loves his gold but decides to take for his second wife Mariane, the beloved of his son Cléante. Meanwhile, Valère and Elise are in love. Harpagon threatens to marry Elise to a certain Seigneur Anselm, so the four lovers urgently plot to save themselves. It transpires that Valère and Mariane are the lost children of wealthy Seigneur Anselm. As Anselm is a benevolent fellow, the lovers' happiness is assured. Period 1668
ISBN 0 573 01279 2

The Miser

Comedy. Molière, translated by David Chambers.
8 men, 3 women (flexible casting); interior.

The ageing but vital Harpagon is hoarding every centime he can get his hands on, making sure that his two children, the virginal Elise and the dandy Cleante, live under his iron will. To complicate matters, Elise has fallen in love with the handsome Valere, who masquerades as a servant in the household, despite his noble birth, and, worse yet, Cleante and Harpagon are both smitten with the same woman, the beautiful, if somewhat dim, Marianne. Meanwhile, scheming servants and assorted hustlers angle for Harpagon's incredible wealth, much of which is now buried and protected by snarling Dobermans. The delirious plot spirals to a wildly comic finish, filled with all the masterful plot twists and outrageous revelations one would expect from one of Molière's finest plays.

Misha's Party

Play by Richard Nelson and Alexander Gelman
M7 (30s-60s) F7 (16, 20s-50s). Various interiors.

In 1991, Mikhail celebrates his sixtieth birthday in a Moscow hotel; outside, communist reactionaries are attempting a coup. Mikhail has gathered together an uneasy group: his two ex-wives, and their new husbands, his disgruntled daughter Masha, and his young fiancee Lydia, Masha's flatmate. Meanwhile, an American, Mary, frantically searches for her lost granddaughter. Using a recent event in Russia's volatile political history as its backdrop, this poignantly explores many themes pertinent to Russia and the West, from historical determinism to the conflict between generations.


(in The Crack In the Emerald). Michael Harding
1m 1f (possible chorus). Drama Minimal set. Video and sound effects can be used.

Written by 'one of the most significant new Irish writers of his generation' (Sunday Times) and strongly influenced by religious and folk ritual, this near-monologue, full of erotic imagery, offers the opportunity for a tour-de-force for a male actor.
ISBN 1 85459 237 8

Miss Evers' Boys

Drama. David Feldshuh. 6 men, 1 woman. Unit Set

In an effort to get medical help for Alabama tenant farmers, their nurse, Miss Evers, convinces them to join a government study to treat venereal disease. When the money runs out, Nurse Evers is faced with a difficult decision: to tell the men that they are no longer being treated and that they are now part of a research study to see what untreated syphilis will do to them, or follow the lead of the doctor she respects and the tenets of the nursing profession. Nurse Evers follows the advise of her advisors, and with the understanding that the study can help thousands more, she does not tell the men they are no longer receiving medication. She does this with the assurance that as soon as medication becomes available, her men will be the first to receive it. But after 14 years of caring for her patients as if they were family, when medication is finally available, it is denied to her study group. Nurse Evers, devastated at the news and starting to watch her men die, can no longer keep silent. Shunned for her silence of 14 years, Nurse Evers holds her head up and explains the reasons and emotions that kept her in the study and kept her caring for her men. Some of them forgive her, others do not, as Nurse Evers tries to put back a world broken by prejudice, disease, time and trust.
ISBN: 0-8222-1464-4

The Miss Firecracker Contest

Comedy. Beth Henley. 2 men, 4 women. Unit Set

The place is the small Mississippi town of Brookhaven, the time a few days before the Fourth of July.. Carrielle Scott (known locally as "Miss Hot Tamale") is rehearsing furiously for the Miss Firecracker Contest - hoping that a victory will salvage her tarnished reputation and allow her to leave town in a blaze of glory. The unexpected arrival of her cousin Elain, herself a former Miss Firecracker winner, (who has walked out on her rich but boring husband and her two small children) complicates matters a bit, as does the repeated threat of Elain's eccentric brother, Delmount, (recently released from a mental institution) to sell the family homestead and decamp for New Orleans. But, aided by a touchingly awkward seamstress named Popeye (who is hopelessly smitten by Delmount) and several other cheerfully nutty characters, Carnelle perseveres - leading to a denouement of unparalleled hilarity, compassion and moving lyricism as all concerned finally escape their unhappy pasts and turn hopefully toward what must surely be a better future.
ISBN: 0-8222-0762-1

Miss Julie

August Strindberg. Trans K. McLeish
1m 2f, extras. Classic drama. Single interior set.

Written in real time, Strindberg's play is an unnerving story of the seduction of Miss Julie. Bored with her sheltered existence in her father's mansion, Miss Julie tempts the attentions of the footman, Jean, during the Midsummer Night's Eve celebrations However, Miss Julie experiences far more than she bargained for ... First performed in 1889. Also included is Strindberg's influential Preface.
ISBN 185459 205 X

Miss Lonely Hearts

Play. Howard Teichmann, from the novel by Nathanael West. 6 men, 7 women. Interiors.

A scornful feature editor of a newspaper picks an ambitious young reporter to conduct the advice of the agony aunt column. Ambitious, opportunistic, 'Miss Lonelyhearts,' as the conductor of the column is inevitably dubbed, begins with contempt of the correspondents and confidence in his own cleverness. As time goes on, the genuineness of the agony in the letters that come in gets under the skin of the columnist. He is distressed to find himself presiding over a monstrous swindle. For he is an idealist in collision with humanity, as his diabolical managing editor expresses it.
ISBN: 0-8222-0763-X

Miss Roach's War

Play. Richard Kane. Adapted from The Slaves of Solitude by Patrick Hamilton
M3 (35, 59, 70s) F5 (20, 39, 60s) or M3 F4 with doubling. Five acting areas.

1943. The Rosamund Tea Rooms houses several women and elderly men, all of them single and lonely, who nurse resentments and wage minor wars with each other. Enid Roach makes two unfortunate friendships which heighten the tension to breaking point: one with Pike, an American lieutenant, the other with Vicki Kugelmann, a German who steals Pike from Enid and then sets about humiliating her former friend.
ISBN 0 573 01919 3

Missing Believed Married

Colin Morris : Comedy 5M 5F Interior set

Diana Roberts, an attractive heiress, has lost her memory. All she recalls is falling in love with a sailor, marrying him at sea and losing him in the port of Cape Town. She can no longer remember his physical appearance, and only knows his name - Edward. Consequently, following a series of public announcements from her family requesting any information which may lead to the discovery of her husbands' whereabouts, three men appear - each claiming to be Mr Edward Roberts. Diana however, far from being distressed, believes that three husbands are better than none and becomes determined to keep them all on the go!
ISBN: 0 85676 103 6

Missing Persons

Play Craig Lucas. 4 men, 3 women. Interior.

Independently wealthy, a published author and tenured professor at Swarthmore College, Addie Pencke spends Thanksgiving holiday struggling to hold together her splintered ego and her fractured family. Her capacious, book-lined home is peopled with real and imagined figures from sixty years of political activism, hard-drinking, a failed marriage and lost opportunities. Neighbors, strays, in-laws, children as they once were and as they could never be, remembered selves, all inhabit Addie's home for the holidays. In shifting power struggles, the critic attempts to reconcile with the artist, the parent with the child, and the living with the dead.
ISBN: 0-8222-1474-1