Composers and their stage works 


Nude with Violin

Light comedy. Noel Coward
M8 (1 West Indian) F6. A Paris studio.

Paul Sarodin the great painter is dead: his family and Jacob Friedland, the art-dealer who discovered him, are aghast. For Paul has left a letter stating the valuable 'Masterpieces' hanging in the great galleries of the world are not his work. They were painted by a Russian tart, an ex-chorus girl, a Negro revivalist, and a fourteen-year-old. This was the uproarious spoof perpetrated on the art world by a man who loathed the commercialising of creative talent.
ISBN 0573 61318 4

The Number

Drama. Arthur Carter. 4 men, 7 women. Unit Set

Sylvia, feeling unloved, leaves her husband. To support herself and her little girl, she accepts a job in Maury's number and horse-betting office, where she is soon promoted. Though it is against the rules to go out with anyone doing business with the office, Sylvia falls in love with Dominic Spizzilini, a bookie. They are seen together, and this is reported to Maury. On the heels of this Maury learns that Dominic has come in with the number for the day, worth $5,000. Maury is convinced Dominic is using Sylvia to cheat him. Dominic goes into hiding in Sylvia's home, while Sylvia attempts to persuade Maury that she and Dominic are innocent. In a brutal interrogation Sylvia learns that the preceding year Dominic used another clerk to cheat for him. By a ruse Dominic makes Maury responsible for his safety, only to be shot down a few minutes later by Maury's hoodlums, who are unaware that in killing Dominic they have involved Maury. Sylvia is left crushed and disillusioned.
ISBN.- 0-8222-0833-4

Number One

Play. Jean Anouilh. Translated by Michael Frayn
M5 F5. An attic studio and bedroom.

Anouilh's sharp, witty play centres around the ageing, gout-stricken and passé playwright Leon Saint-Pé struggling manfully to begin a new play, provisionally entitled Les Misérables, despite the constant interruptions and selfish demands of his utterly egocentric family and friends. A master of the art of dramatic contrivance, Anouilh displays his usual stylish blend of cynicism and subtle irony when he has Leon, eventually deciding that everyone on earth is wholly self-centred, rechristen his play Number One.
ISBN 0 573 01619 4


Richard Norton-Taylor
13m, doubling. Documentary drama. Minimal court room set.

Edited transcript of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, first performed at the Tricycle Theatre. Using actual wording from the trial, the piece follows the defence arguments of some of the top Nazi officers. As a play this is shattering, gripping drama; as an educational aid it is a harsh and necessary history lesson. 'Theatre at its best as a moral tribunal, gripping and shaming, a challenge to your nerves and your conscience' Sunday Times.
ISBN 1 85459 332 3