Composers and their stage works 


The Office Party

John Godber : Comedy 4M 3F Interior set

Everyone has a different story to tell - or forget, in some cases - about the annual office party. John Godber's play pays a visit to the offices of Chapman & Howard, a small marketing firm, just in time for the annual bash when the traditional bonhomie quickly gives way to titillations and tears. From the opening moments, when the first eager few have arrived to kick off the celebrations of clinching a prestigious and lucrative account, we see the growing sense of both professional and personal frustrations among the copywriters, accountants, graphic artists, secretaries and the managing director himself as everyone tries to get into the party spirit, all the time misreading body language and other signals, culminating in a party night they'd all rather forget. Just who will show their face tomorrow - and more importantly, who won't - or will they simply let the photocopier's record of the evening speak for itself? The Office Party offers a hilariously funny yet poignant exploration of just exactly why people behave as they so often do when faced with self-consciousness - and over-confidence - in such circumstances.
ISBN: 0 85676 168 0

Office Suite
Double-bill. Alan Bennett

Green Forms
M2 (1 Black) F3 (30x, 40x). An office.
Dofs and Doreen are comfortably installed in an obscure department of a large organisation. It is a cushy number: on a normal day work is nowhere. However, this is not a normal day. A shadow falls across their tranquil lives. Is it redundancy?
ISBN 0 573 12087 0

A Visit from Miss Protheroe M 1 (60s) F1 (middle-age). A living-room.
Retired and sitting at home, Mr Dodsworth contemplates his life and achievements with quiet satisfaction when there is sharp ring at the door: his former secretary has come to ruin it all.
ISBN 0 573 12286 5

Oh, Clarence!

John Chapman, adapted from Blandings Castle and other Lord Emsworth stories by P.G. Wodehouse
Comedy 8M 5F Interior set

A hilarious comedy based on one of P. G. Wodehouse's most famous characters, Lord Emsworth, the dreamy peer of Blandings Castle. The delightful earl, as vague as ever, wants nothing more than to be allowed to potter around Blandings, tending his roses and prize pig, the Empress. But his sister, Lady Constance, has other ideas and arranges a house party into which bursts Dame Daphne Winkworth, whom the Earl is urged, much against his will, to marry. He is further plagued by his vacuous son Freddie Threepwood, Rupert Bingham, a clumsy love-lorn curate and his arch enemy Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe from whom Lord Emsworth unwittingly steals a priceless Egyptian scarab.

Oh, Mama! No, Papa!

Comedy. Reginald Denham from Cosas de papa y mama by Alfonso Paso.
4 men, 3 women. 2 Interiors (One simplified).

Eleanor (a widow) and Silas (a widower) are both, if you take their word for it, near death's door. Louisa (Eleanor's daughter) and James (Silas' son), having tired of their parents' perpetual grumbling and moaning accompany them to see Dr. Bolt - the idea being to get a first-hand report on just what is wrong with their elders. All four meet for the first time in the Doctor's waiting room, and immediately strike up friendships. In fact Eleanor and Silas are smitten with a romantic passion of the sort usually experienced only by the young. This happens to be exactly what the Doctor ordered - although their children are shocked by such carrying on. Nevertheless love has its way, and in short order Silas is pacing the living room of his apartment in anticipation of a visit from Eleanor. When she arrives the champagne is uncorked, and soon our "out-patients" are billing and cooing like two love birds. The bloom of passion is suddenly deflated by the unexpected appearance of James and Louisa, who manage to make the whole thing seen tawdry and ridiculous, and who decree that their parents are not to see any more of each other. The unrequited lovers are soon as filled with aches and pains as ever, but a trumped-up story of a clandestine meeting and the imminent arrival of a wee one brings the spoil-sport children back in line.
ISBN: 0-8222-0839-3

Oh, Romeo

Ephraim Kishon, translated by Lucienne Hill :
Comedy 2M 1F Interior set

30 years after Romeo and Juliet fail to commit suicide, we find them squabbling together in this ingenious farce with music. Original score available on request from the rights holders. 'The early romantic situation has now developed, or descended, to the usual married life of any ordinary mortals with disagreements, rows and a problem daughter. In the middle of one of these rows, Will Shakespeare, their creator, arrives on the scene. He is not a ghost, apparently, and often pays them a visit. They are well aware of who he is and blame the deterioration of their relationship on him for not having given them a happier ending. He tries to appease them in an inferior blank verse and quotations from other plays, some of which impress them. The use of well-known quotes and characters make for amusing theatre and not even the most ardent Shakespeare scholar could object to the manner of their use.' Plays of 1984/5.