Composers and their stage works 


Of Mice and Men

John Steinbeck : Drama 9M 1F 2 Interior, 1 Exterior set

Steinbeck's own stage version of his classic novel tells the story of George and Lenny, the fast- alking farm hand and the simple giant who accompanies him on a life of casual labour in the California Agricultural Belt of the 1930s. They share a dream of a little place of their own, where Lenny can tend the rabbits and they can "live off the fat of the land". But when Lenny unwittingly kills the young wife of a farm owner's son, George must shatter their dreams to keep Lenny from falling into the hands of the law and the vigilante farm hands bent on revenge.
ISBN: 0 85676 153 2

Of Mice and Men

Drama. John Steinbeck. 8 men, 1 woman. 2 Interiors, 1 Exterior

Two drifters, George and his friend Lennie, with delusions of living off the "fat of the land," have just arrived at a ranch to work for enough money to buy their own place. Lennie is a man-child, a little boy in the body of a dangerously powerful man. It's Lennie's obsessions with things soft and cuddly that have made George cautious about who the gentle giant, with his brute strength, associates with. His promise to allow Lennie to "tend to the rabbits" on their future land keeps Lennie calm amidst distractions as the overgrown child needs constant reassurance. But when a ranch boss' promiscuous wife is found dead in the barn with a broken neck, it's obvious that Lennie, albeit accidentally, killed her. George, now worried about his own safety, knows exactly where Lennie has gone to hide, and he meets him there. realising they can't run away anymore, George is faced with a moral question: how should he deal with Lennie before the ranchers find him and take matters into their own hands.
ISBN: 0-8222-0838-5

The Ofay Watcher

Play Frank Cucci. 2 men, 1 woman. Int/Fore-curtain.

Rufus is a black drifter, who is found one day on a park bench by Bruce, a young, white biochemist. Bruce is conducting a series of experiments ... to turn black people into white people! After much amusing banter, Rufus seems convinced, goes off to Bruce's apartment, and the forbidding Jekyll/Hyde transformation begins, But Dairy, Bruce's black girlfriend, is full of half-spoken fears and voluble jealousies. She knows something of the dangers involved, based on the results of the previous experiments, but she is a willing and anxious subject and was to be in Rufus' place on the schedule. So, the loaded situation runs its course, moving from light-hearted chatter to ominous tongue-lashings, and then rushes headlong to its hair-raising and perhaps inexorable, Greek-like conclusion.
ISBN: 0-8222-0836-9

Off the Map

Comedy/Drama. Joan Ackermann. 3 men, 1 woman, 1 girl. Unit set

Bo Groden looks back on the summer when she was eleven years old and everything changed. Serving as narrator, she sifts through the memories of an unusual childhood spent in the wilds of northern New Mexico where her enterprising parents forged a rich life off the land and the local dump. Desperate to escape as a child, longing for modern amenities and normalcy, now she yearns to go back. This is the summer when Charley, her father, spiraled into depression. Usually able to build and fix anything, he is unable to fix himself, but the family carries on, thanks in large part to the earthy strength of Arlene, Bo's resourceful mother. George, Charley's life-l6ng friend, offers watercolors and silence. Lonely for her father's companionship, Bo amuses herself by writing letters for free samples, and praying for a miracle to deliver her from a mother who gardens in the nude and a father who can not stop weeping. The miracle arrives in the form of William Gibbs, a displaced IRS agent who arrives in a fever and never leaves. As the artist within William emerges, each member of the family is touched and affected. By the time a boat arrives at the end of the play, the family's sails have been filled. This offbeat evocative comedy has a compelling and lyrical quality. Through unswerving love,and compassion, the characters stumble into glimpses of self-discovery and unexpected moments of grace.
ISBN: 0-8222-1591-8

Off Out

Gill Adams : Drama 2M 2F Interior set

June, Danny, May and Mac - four people living life on the edge in the seedy and often dangerous world of prostitution. For June, it's a way of life, the only way of getting the money to make ends meet. For her teenage son Danny, it's all he's known since the death of his grandmother. May does it for the money to buy her drugs, while Mac is a pimp, content to make his living from the earnings of the women around him. Theirs is an unforgiving world, motivated by money and fear in a day-to-day existence offering little hope but not without humour and poignancy. Winner of the 1994 Edinburgh Festival Scotsman Fringe First Award.
ISBN: 0 85676 173 7

Off the Hook

Farce. Derek Benfield
M5 (30s-50s, elderly) F5 (20s, 40s). An hotel bar.

Harold Spooks is sprung from prison to tell the gang where in the hotel he stashed the loot. Unfortunately, he's the wrong Harold Spooks and he hasn't a clue where the money is hidden. Worse still, this Harold is a twit and likely to give the gang away any minute. More hazards include Norah, the man-eating manageress, Edna, continually interrupting the gang's frenzied plottings, and the redoubtable Mrs Fletcher-Brewer who is suspicious of all men.
ISBN 0 573 11332 7

The Offering

Play. Gus Edwards. 2 men, 2 women. Interior.

The scene is a shabby basement apartment on New York's West Side, where Bob Tyrone, an aging black, lives with his young wife, Princess. Now on welfare, Tyrone spends most of his time dozing, or glass in hand, watching television. Unexpected visitors arrive in the form of Martin, an obviously prosperous young black man, and Ginny, his beautiful white girl friend. Martin offers Tyrone a large sum of money, but Tyrone declines, and invites his visitors to stay the night. In a series of highly atmospheric scenes, it develops that Martin, a hired killer, -had known Tyrone when he too was a power in illegal activity, and he still regards him with awe. At first the action seems to be concerned with Martin's desire to help his former mentor, but gradually, as the sense of menace deepens, we are aware that a struggle for sexual dominance has now become the focus of their relationship - as Tyrone seduces Ginny and Martin, suddenly powerless, yields to the psychological battle of wits to which his now reinvigorated master has subjected him.
ISBN: 0-8222-0837-7