Composers and their stage works 


Out Cry

Play: Tennessee Williams.

Subsequently revised and available under the title The Two Character Play.

Out of Focus

Peter Gordon : Comedy 4M 5F Interior set

Helen has arrived at the Church Hall with her troupe of terrorising Brownies in tow. Kath and Bob arrive ready for their planned badminton game amidst their own marital quarrels about Bob's secretary Linda, who also arrives ready to play, with ladies' man Wayne not far behind. David and Sue show up for the big game even though Leonard insists he has booked the hall for an illustrated talk on steam locomotives and Evonne is certain she has arranged for the rehearsal of her very first pantomime. Confusion reigns until everyone finally unites for a common cause, the production of the pantomime. Over the coming weeks alliances are formed and switched as they all battle against the odds and the opening night nears. Bob and Kath's marital troubles continue, with Linda in the middle. Helen, in between staging walk-outs, is in pursuit of David, although he only has eyes for Sue. Wayne is out to impress anyone who will listen, while Leonard rapidly bores everybody into submission. Events finally culminate during Leonard's talk at the final night party, when Evonne finds her confidence, Helen her come-uppance and everyone else receives their just deserts.
ISBN: 0 85676 138 9

Out of Gas On Lovers' Leap

Play: Mark St. Germain : 1 man, 1 woman. Exterior

A provocative and theatrically exciting examination of the prospects facing today's youth, in a world where traditional values have declined and humanity seems bent on self-destruction.

It is the night of their high school graduation and Myst and Grouper, two bright, well-to-do teenagers, have driven to the local lovers leap for a private celebration. Myst is 17, and the daughter of a fading rock star of dubious morals; Grouper is 18, and the son of an ambitious, self-important U.S. Senator. Myst is determined to deprive Grouper of his virginity, but he wants to wait until they are married and settled into domesticity. As they drink beer, smoke pot and engage in sharply amusing, yet disheartening, interplay, it becomes increasingly evident that they are very lost young souls whose ideals have been sadly eroded by the shoddy, self centered example of their elders. In the end they do make love, but it proves to be only a brief respite before their pasts encroach on the present and, inevitably, over-whelm it with terrible and heart-rending results.
ISBN: 0-8222-0870-9

Out of Order

Comedy. Ray Cooney
M6 (young, middle-age) F4 (young, 40s, 50s). An hotel suite.

When Richard Willey, a Government Junior Minister, plans to spend the evening with Jane Worthington, one of the Opposition's typists, things go disastrously wrong, and he sends for his PPS, George Pigden who, through Richard's lies, sinks further and further into trouble and ends up going through an identity crisis! A hugely successful sequel to Ray Cooney's Two Into One, Out of Order received the 1990 Olivier Award for Comedy of the Year.
ISBN 0 573 01858 8

Out of Sight ... Out of Murder

Mystery comedy. Fred Carmichael
M4 (young, 30s, middle-age, 60s) F5 (young, 40s, middle-age, 60). A living-room.

Peter has come to a lonely old house to finish a play - a thriller featuring all the old stock characters such as butler and maid, but with new twists. Amazingly the characters manifest themselves and take over the situation, one of them trying to kill Peter. Events follow a typical thriller to a hair-raising climax until Peter manages to type 'The End' - but an even more surprising twist is in store.
ISBN 0 573 61360 5

Outside Edge

Play. Richard Harris
M5 (20s-40s) F4 (19, 28, 30s). A cricket pavilion.

Roger has enough trouble assembling his cricket team to play against the British Railways Maintenance Division Reading East, but these complications pall before those occurring among their various wives and girlfriends. As a final catastrophe, rain starts to fall. The play, from the author of Stepping Out, was first seen at the Queen's Theatre, London, starring Julia McKenzie and Maureen Lipman.
ISBN 0 573 11314 9

Outward Bound

Play. Sutton Vane
M6 (young-elderly) F3 (young, middle-age). The lounge of a small liner.

A collection of people embark for the fateful journey across the Styx to meet the Examiner who has surprises in store for the passengers.
ISBN 0 573 01328 4