Composers and their stage works 


Rib Cage

Play. Larry Ketron.
3 men, 3 women. Divided Interior.

The scene is a small town in South Carolina, where Hodge, a Vietnam veteran, shares his house with Vernie, his childlike girl friend, and Sheryl, the widow of a talented but obscure novelist and a close friend of his late mother. Nervous and unsettled, Hodge continually castigates Vernie, no matter how hard she tries to please him, and also derides Sheryl, although she is old and wise enough to try to turn a deaf ear to his rantings. The arrival of his Army buddy Richard, who now manages a bookstore in New York City, further aggravates Hodge's unruliness, as though to somehow make him even more aware of the fact that the "good life" has passed him by. Richard is accompanied by his mentor and lover Carolyn, a sleek and sexy lady whose bantering rapport with Richard, and evident concern for Vernie and Sheryl, also point up Hodges own lack of grace and learning. Eventually Vernie, finding her own voice through the help of the others, threatens to leave Hodge, whereupon his defiant facade finally begins to crumble - giving promise that he will try, at last, to temper his inability to relate meaningfully to the world and to curb his compulsion to strike out at those who seek to offer him the only solace that he is destined to know.
ISBN: 0-8222-0948-9

Rich and Famous

Comedy. John Guare.
2 men, I woman (casting flexible: 2-6 men, 1-6 women). Unit Set

One of "the world's oldest living promising young playwrights," Bing Ringling is finally about to be produced-with play number 844. But, unfortunately, his lady producer, having had a series of successes, now yearns for a flop - so she can savor the sweet taste of failure and then make a comeback. Hoping to salvage his play,. Bing tries to enlist the aid of his boyhood friend Tybalt Dunleavy, now a Hollywood star, but he too is having something of an identity crisis. Bing's odyssey leads on to hilarious confrontations with his musical collaborator Anatol Torah (a wildly spaced-out composer); his oddball parents (who still cherish his dirty diapers); and his old girlfriend (now unhappily married and mired in the past). Thereafter the phantasmagoria continues until, in the end, and as Clive Barnes puts it: "Bing is at the still center of his own nightmare, wandering like Ulysses through the cavernous passages of his life and finally determining just what it costs to be rich and famous."
ISBN: 0-8222-0949-7

Richard Cory

Play. A.R. Gurney.
5 men, 3 women. Unit Set.

Comprised of a series of vignettes and interrelated scenes, presented with a minimum of props and scenery and flowing together with resourceful theatricality, the story of Richard Cory is that of a well-born young man who seems to have everything the world can offer. He is handsome, rich, successful in his law practice, respected in the community and an idealised husband and father. And yet, as we move ahead through the various episodes of his life, it is apparent that his good fortune has also brought him growing dissatisfaction and unease. He is disturbed by the crassness of the changes taking place in his city; by the eroding standards of his lifelong friends; by the alienation he feels from his wife and children. Seeking fulfilment he takes a mistress; he becomes involved in good works; he tries to expand his intellectual capacities - while, throughout, continuing to protect the "good name" which family and position have thrust on him. He is, and must always be, a gentleman. But perhaps, as the play so poignantly suggests, it is this very fact which leads Richard Cory, the glittering paragon so envied by all, to go home one fine day and put a bullet through his head.
ISBN: 0-8222-1245-5

Richard of Bordeaux

Drama. Gordon Daviot
M23 F6. Nine interiors.

This is a sympathetic study of Richard 11, laying special stress on Richard's desire to foster the arts and crafts, and to promote the cause of peace, both in Ireland and France. How the young and gradually spoilt and embittered, as well as favourite-ridden King was impeded by the inveterate prejudices of his uncles, especially Gloucester, is shown vividly in the course of twelve scenes, ending with the penultimate stage of Richard II's life. Period 1385-97
ISBN 0 573 01379 9


Play: Lee Blessing
1 man, 1 woman. Interior

David and Carolyn Rose would seem to "have it all" -a generous income, two expensive cars, a son in a good college, and twenty-one years of wedded bliss. Now, on their anniversary, they have returned, with another couple, to the hotel in Red Wing, Minnesota, where they spent their honeymoon. The other couple wants the Roses to join them in the bar for a pre-dinner drink, but David, more in love than ever, has other ideas and it is his amorous persistence which moves the play quickly to its crisis point. To his shock and amazement, Carolyn not only turns aside his overtures, but calmly announces that she wants a divorce. Stunned, and then angry, David demands reasons, but Carolyn can give none more cogent than that she doesn't like the shape of his nose (and never has) and that he seems to her to have "shrunk." No other man, no better life that she covets just the awareness that their relationship has quietly but finally become arid and empty. Unable to comprehend or accept Carolyn's infuriating calmness in the face of this unexpected calamity, David baits her into a fight, and then the underlying bitterness, which both of them have tried to deny, explodes into destructive, emotionally shattering fury. In the final scene of the play, wordless but deeply affecting, a certain rapprochment is hinted at but one surely tempered by the sad knowledge that things will never again be as they, perhaps naïvely, had assumed they were. FEE, $50 per performance.
ISBN: 0-8222-1221-8


Linda McLean

Is murder ever justified? Even in defence of a child? And if you're never caught, are you always in hiding? And though you may feel safe, is it inevitable that there will be a day of Riddance? This chilling emotional thriller about two men and a woman bound together by the secrets of surviving a childhood in a Glasgow tenement was premiered by Paines Plough at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, after previews at the Chelsea Centre, London. Linda McLean's play is suffused with wit, suspense and truth, a sober reminder that we can never escape the sins of our past. Her earlier one-act, One Good Beating, was part of Family, a trilogy of plays staged by the Traverse Theatre Company in Spring 1999. Published alongside the premiere production, this "Instant Playscript" is intended to reflect the immediacy of the play on stage. It is printed directly from the author's own disk prepared only a few days before opening night. The aim is to give audiences at the theatre and readers all over the world instant access to the best of current new writing as it hits the stage
ISBN 1 85459 465 6

The Ride Down Mount Morgan

Arthur Miller
Comedy 4M 4F Interior set

Two women meet in a hospital intensive care ward, after each learns of an automobile accident which has seriously injured their husband. The two visitors, unknown to each other, soon realise that it is the same accident, and indeed, is in fact the same man. Lyman Felt is a bigamist. A successful middle-aged businessman, Lyman has juggled two wives for nine years, ever since he was forced to choose between the stability and status of his first wife Theo and the excitement of his relationship with Leah, his mistress. Instead he chose both. Through a series of flashbacks interspersed with Lyman's hospital room, memory slips into fact as accusations fly between the women and his daughter Bessie, but fact merges into fantasy as Lyman attempts to justify his past actions. All of them, he points out, have been happier in this time than ever before, but ultimately his innocent selfishness results in psychologically bruised women scattered about him, who ultimately make him pay the price by abandoning him.
ISBN: 0 85676 203 2