Composers and their stage works 


Rocket to the Moon

Play. Clifford Odets.
6 men, 2 women. Interior.

The story tells of a woman whose physical and spiritual wants are disarmingly normal - a sort of anomaly in our modern, complex city life. This woman finds herself between a dentist, who is unhappily married, and an old gentleman who has everything to offer her except youth. Of plot in the ordinary sense, there is very little, but with characters such as Mr. Odets draws, there is no necessity for a story in the conventional sense. The play is brilliantly written and offers and extraordinary opportunity for the depiction of human beings at odd with themselves and their environments.

Roman Candle

Comedy: Sidney Sheldon.
12 men, 3 women. Interior

Mark Baxter is a young scientist, drafted to work on a new Army missile programme. His stay in Washington wins him the rank of Colonel, the cover of a national magazine, and the hand of his next door neighbour, Eleanor Winston. Eleanor is the rich, beautiful, and very ambitious daughter of a U.S. Senator, and she is determined that the man she marries will go even further than her father. They are set to go off to a top-secret missile launching when complications arise, in the form of an alluring blonde named Liz Brown, who moves into the adjoining apartment. Liz is gifted with ESP She tells Mark he won't be leaving town with the others (he doesn't); she predicts a long shot at the race track (the horse wins); and she informs Mark that ... (but that would be giving away the funniest twist in the play!). At any rate, the first missile fails and spirits go down, a second try makes it and spirits go up, but Marks romantic difficulties grow increasingly complicated. Along the way the Army, the Navy, official Washington, and the human race in general come in for their share of ribbing but everything gets straightened out in the end.
ISBN: 0-8222-0960-8

Romanoff and Juliet

Peter Ustinov : Comedy
9M 4F Exterior set

The play is set in a mythical country lying smack on the border between East and West. Full of the most delightful comic satire on modern times and international affairs, the play follows the frustrated romance between the son of the Russian ambassador and the daughter of the American ambassador against a background of inept diplomacy.We meet the president of the smallest of all mythical countries. It is so small that it has a standing army of two - and the army doesn't even stand, but slouches. This country lies smack between the East and the West, so each of these world divisions seeks to make the President an ally. Russia sends an ambassador - a Romanoff, no less. The US dispatches one of its typical business diplomats. One of several high points of this delightful comedy is the scene in which the President shuttles between the rival embassies, listening to their blandishments and threats. This is a hilarious cartoon of diplomacy. Why the title, Romanoff and Juliet? The Russian has a son and the American has a daughter named Juliet and these two fall in love. And love has its sway. National rivalries vanish as the parents are reconciled after a wedding which is remarkable for its lunacy.
ISBN: 0 85676 054 4

Romantic Comedy

Comedy. Bernard Slade
M2 (30s) F4 (young, 20s, 30s, 54). A study.

Jason Carmichael, successful co-author of Broadway romantic comedies, is about to marry a society belle and his collaborator is retiring from the fray. Enter Phoebe Craddock, a mousy Vermont schoolteacher and budding playwright and Jason acquires a talented, adoring collaborator. Fame and success are theirs for ten years and then Jason's world falls apart - his wife divorces him and Phoebe marries a journalist and moves to Paris. Jason goes into decline but re-enter a chic, successful Phoebe - and guess the ending!
ISBN 0 573 61504 7

La Ronde.

Ten Dialogues. Arthur Schnitzler. English version by Eric Bentley
M5 F5. Simple settings.

This is Schnitzler's popular roundelay of love, as practised in Old Vienna, and as told in ten interlocking scenes. Each scene is made for two persons, and each person plays two consecutive scenes, serving alternately as the link between them. Thus the soldier of the first scene leaves his lady of the evening to appear in the next scene with a parlour maid. An amusing tour de force, popular throughout the world.
ISBN 0 573 61192 0

Rookery Nook

Farce. Ben Travers
M5 F6. A lounge-hall.

Gerald rents Rookery Nook where his wife, Clara, will join him later. He is agreeably surprised by a pretty stranger called Rhoda who comes running to him for protection against her irascible German stepfather. Gerald allows her to stay in one of the bedrooms but as she is clad only in pyjamas, it is vital to conceal her presence from nosey neighbours. Rhoda gets herself some clothes just in time before Clara arrives but Gerald has some difficulty in convincing Clara of his innocence. Period 1920s
ISBN 0 573 01389 6

Room Service

Comedy. John Murray and Allen Boretz.
12 men, 2 women. Simple Interior

A nimble-witted producer, living on credit with several actors in a Broadway hotel, is desperately in need of a good script. He finds one, and, by great good luck, he also finds an angel with $15,000. The play shows how, during a hectic few days, the, producer plays hide-and-seek with the angel who wants to withdraw his financial support, manages to outwit creditors, and at the very last moments puts over his play in spite of the most ludicrous and unexpected obstacles.
ISBN: 0-8222-0962-4

A Roomful of Roses

Comedy/Drama. Edith Sommer.
3 men, 5 women, 1 small boy (1 of the men and 2 of the women are teenagers). Interior.

Nancy Fallon has, some eight years back, run off with a foreign correspondent leaving a seven-year-old daughter at the mercy of an unloving father. The bitter father has been at work on the child these long years past. Now he is thinking of marrying again, and Bridget is temporarily shipped off to her mother. When Bridget comes, she is a chillingly defensive, arrogantly independent customer. She has been taught that it is most unsophisticated to mention one parent in the presence of the other, she is sure that it is unwise ever to love anyone, and she is eating her heart out in her defiant loneliness. Bridget's mother and her new husband are eager to have Bridget remain with them, as are a group of kindly neighbours. Dick and his sister Jane, who live next door, do their best to make friends with Bridget who insists on remaining aloof. Eventually she succumbs to their genuine friendliness and is about to go with Dick to a dance when his old girlfriend from out of town turns up and Bridget is left without a date. At the same time she discovers her father's reasons for sending her on the visit. The new world she's begun to build with other people falls apart. However, the love and understanding of her mother and the friends in her new home at last make an impression, and Bridget realises that she is really wanted here - and that this is where she wants to stay. Dick comes back, aware now that he prefers Bridget to the old girlfriend, and Bridget is at last part of a real family.
ISBN: 0-8222-0963-2


Play. Milcha Sanchez-Scott.
3 men, 3 women. Exterior.

The setting is a simple wood-frame house in the American Southwest. Hector, a young campesino, is apprehensively awaiting the return of his father, Gallo, who has been serving a jail term for manslaughter. Gallo, who is obsessed with cock fighting, is a philandering, high-living macho type, who finds it difficult to communicate with, much less understand, his contemplative, questioning son. The crux of the play is the battle for supremacy between the father, who wants to exploit the fighting cock which his son has been looking after for him, and Hector, who argues that they should sell the animal and use the proceeds for family needs. Drawn into the dispute are Hector's sister, Angela, an otherworldly creature who wears angel wings and blots out unpleasant reality by hiding under the front porch; his lusty, profane aunt, Chata, whose overt sexuality is both fascinating and disturbing to her impressionable nephew; and his long suffering mother, Juana, who wishes that her family would stop bickering and live in peace. Mingling scenes of explosive drama with moments of fanciful imagery, the play deftly blends its two naiures as it moves to its conclusion when, in a theatrically magical moment, illusion and reality achieve a remarkable synthesis.
ISBN: 0-8222-0965-9


Play. Arnold Wesker
M5 (young, 50s, 65) F4 (young, 50). Three cottage living-rooms.

This is the second play of the trilogy which opens with Chicken Soup with Barley. Beatie returns for a holiday to her fenland farm home trying to impose on her stolid family the ideas of a young Jewish intellectual, Ronnie, whom she believes will marry her. But, awaiting his arrival, slowly Beatie realises he will never come and her famous final speech exults that Ronnie has taught her independence and how to free herself from him. Period 1950s
ISBN 0 573 11377 7

Roots and Wings

Play. Frank Vickery
M3 (20s, 40s, 50s) F3 (youngish, 40s, 50s). A hospital corridor and room.

Griff has discovered that his son Nigel is not only a drag queen but gay; hours later, Nigel is in hospital having been hurt in a car crash in which his lover, Kevin, has incurred much worse injuries. Robust, sensible Ruby, Griff's wife, has much to deal with - Nigel's fears, Griff's prejudices, her own confused emotions, Kevin's parents - and has to use every resource at her disposal to keep the peace.
ISBN 0 573 01885 5

Roots In a Parched Ground

Drama. Horton Foote.
9 men, 5 women, 1 boy, 1 girl. Unit Set

The Robedaux family has been divided by the exigencies of an unhappy fate. Julie Robedaux has moved back to her family's house with the children, Horace, Jr. and Beth Ruth, and has enlisted the help of her sister, Callie, in trying to operate the old place as a boarding house. Her husband, Horace Sr., ravaged by alcohol and disease, awaits the end of his wasted life at his mother's home, pathetically hopeful that he will still be able to make amends to his wife and children, and guide his son in the study of law. This fragile strand of hope is broken when it is acknowledged that the boarding house is a losing proposition, and that the only course of action for Julia, Callie and the children is to move to Houston in search of work. Horace Jr. refuses to go. As a violent storm breaks he rushes off, and when he eventually comes home again, after having been given up for lost, the family has gone to Houston and his father is dead. When she learns that he is still alive, Horace's mother comes back from Houston and, in a poignant, touching scene, tells the boy that she has remarried, and that she can't ask him to come back with her, at least for the present. Horace stays behind and starts over again. He also has his father's law books, and the gentle guidance and concern of a family friend, Jim Howard, in turning back to them. The play ends on a warm note of hopefulness as Horace and Mr. Howard begin to study - and to help each other find a way in the long night of loneliness.
ISBN: 0-8222-0967-5