Composers and their stage works 


Say Goodnight, Gracie

Play. Ralph Pape.
3 men, 2 women. Interior

The place is a shabby apartment in New Yorks East Village, which Jerry. an aspiring young actor, shares with Ginny, a secretary. They are joined by Jerry's high school friends Steve, a prankish would-be poet and television writer; and Bobby, a musician who has been scraping by with dates in small clubs in suburban New Jersey, and who arrives, with his girl friend Catherine, a beautiful but rather kinky airline stewardess. Their intention is to attend their high school reunion, and as they while away the hours before it is time to leave, they talk and smoke pot, their conversation becoming funnier - and more revealing - as the smoke thickens. Jerry, bitter that his acting career is at a standstill, decides that he doesn't want to go to the reunion, but the others (whose disappointments are as keen as his) try to cheer him up and urge him on. In the end, however, they fail - for Jerry and themselves. These are children of the idealistic 60s, unable to come to terms with the uncertain 70s, and trying to evade, with their ever funnier and more biting comments, the sobering truth that haunts them all - that there are, unfortunately, no clear and simple answers anymore.
ISBN: 0-8222-0993-4

Say Who You Are

Comedy. Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall
M2 (30s) F2 (30s). Various settings.

A telephone booth is an important cast member in this comedy! Every Friday evening David Lord's wife, Sarah, lends their flat to her unmarried friend, Valerie, so that the latter can entertain her married lover, Stuart. David does not know of this arrangement and Stuart believes that Valerie is married to David! When David rebels one Friday at being dragged to yet another foreign film and Stuart has a fit of masochistic jealousy the resulting embroilments defy further description.

Saying Yes

(in Latin-American Plays) - Griselda Gambaro. Trans. S. Doggart
2m. Hour-long comedy/drama. Simple set.

A man goes for a haircut and gets more than he bargained for from the inscrutable hairdresser ... This shocking story is by Argentina's leading woman playwright. 'One of the most innovative and powerful writers in the world today' Diana Taylor.
ISBN 1 85459 249 1

Scales of Justice

Peter Saunders : Drama
9M 3F 1 boy 2 Interior sets

Based on a true story, Scales of Justice is a fascinating exploration of the nature of British justice and sense of fair play. At the height of the 1914-18 war between Great Britain and Germany, Hans Mühler, a recently naturalized German, is interned. After his release he claims that his internment was the work of Richard Neville, a prominent Member of Parliament who has also taken over his business. Mühler decides to sue Neville for fraud, but in war-time England he has difficulty in finding any one willing to represent him except a young and inexperienced barrister. As the second half of the play moves into the courtroom and finds Mühler's case facing a defense composed of the best available councillors in the country, can the scales of justice possibly remain balanced?
ISBN: 0 85676 134 6

Scandal Point

Play. John Patrick. 3 men, 1 woman. Interior


Comedy Bill Irwin and Mark O'Donnell, adapted from Molière. This adaptation of Molière's farce, Les fourberies de Scapin, and borrowing some final lines from Molière's La Contessa d'Escarbagnas. 9 men, 3 women (flexible casting). Exterior

The crafty Scapin, servant to the household of Geronte, jumps into the story as he first promises to help in the affairs of his neighbour's son, Octave, then to aid in those of his own charge, Leander (Geronte's son). Both young men have fallen in love with unlikely, and penniless beauties, and both need money to help solve their dilemmas. Scapin knows a good ruse will always win the day and he drafts Sylvestre, Octave's servant, into his schemes. Convincing Sylvestre he's a wonderful actor (and allowing him to build characterisations using movie clichés), Scapin has him play characters who will deceive the family patriarchs into parting with large sums of money. The final scene of the first act is a vaudeville/music hall version of Molière's famous scene in which Scapin spins a tale of kidnapping, foreigners and ransom. Once the money is obtained, however, Scapin pushes further in order to exact a little revenge on those he's served. Thinking Geronte has said something nasty about him, Scapin sets out to teach him a lesson. The roguish words, however, are Scapin's own lies and stories finally coming back to him. His revenge backfires and he must flee. In the end however, Scapin's schemes help in revealing the penniless beauties to be exactly the right mates for the young charges -being of high birth after all, since they are discovered to be the missing children of both patriarchs. Scapin returns to his post with the pleasant punishment of having to marry the maidservant of one of the daughters. There is a final chase and dance among all the participants, which, inevitably, becomes the raucous, delightful curtain call.
ISBN: 0-8222-1603-5


Play. Frank Dunlop and Jim Dale, a long way off from Molière
M 10 F4. A cafe bar.

Inspired, at some distance, by Molière's Les Fourberies de Scapin, this 'comic madness' is set in present day Naples. Ottavio's and Leandro's fathers are away, leaving their sons in the care of guardians - Scapino and Sylvestro. Ottavio marries Giacinta and when he learns that his father plans to 'marry him off' he seeks Scapino's help. The spirit of the play is evident at the outset, when a slapstick sequence is accompanied by a crazy song made up from the menu at an Italian restaurant.

The Scarlet Letter

Play. Phyllis Nagy, adapted from the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne
M4 (20s, 50s) F3 (20s, 30). Various simple settings.

The setting is Boston, Massachusetts, 300 years ago, a puritanical world dominated by religious obsession, superstition and secrecy. Hester Prynne, a convicted adulteress, will not reveal the identity of the father of her curious, illegitimate daughter, Pearl. Her bitter husband, Chillingworth, plots a wicked revenge which leads him to the guilt-ridden minister, Dimmesdale. A symbolic and tragic depiction of the human response to love, sin, betrayal and repression.
ISBN 0 573 69529 6

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Play. Baroness Orczy adapted by Beverley Cross
M 17 F3, doubling possible. Various interior and exterior settings.

This swashbuckling tale of English aristocrats rescuing their French brethren tom the jaws of Madame la Guillotine in revolution-torn, eighteenth-century France has something for everyone - humour, adventure and just a dash of romance! Beverley Cross's spectacular adaptation was seen at Chichester and subsequently at the Theatre Royal, London, starring Donald Sinden. 'It is a long time since the theatre saw an adventure so joyous ... a stunning adaptation ... an evening of simple but unalloyed theatre magic.' Daily Telegraph
ISBN 0 573 01650 X

A Scent of Flowers

Play. James Saunders.
6 men, 3 women. Unit Set

When we first come upon Zoe, there is a strange ambience about her. She watches while a coffin is brought in by two comic and appealing young cockney assistants to Scrivens, the most dignified and comforting of undertakers. And little by little we come to realise that it is the body of Zoe that is in the coffin and that only her spirit is about. From then on, there are alternating scenes of her past, when she was very much alive, and of her present. These transitions are as effortless as the smooth passages from comedy to drama. In the end it is a portrait not only of a premature death but of life, and love, and the poignant failure of those who reach out to help but cannot retrieve the loss to which they have unwittingly contributed: interest, concern, even love, are not the same as compassion and charity. Although it is a poignant story, the dialogue is unsentimental, often grimly comic.
ISBN: 0-8222-0995-0


Play. Marisha Chamberlain.
3 men, 1 woman. Divided Set

As the play begins, Eve, arriving home in the late evening, is seized by a man in a ski mask who forces her to take him to her apartment. Once there he rapes her - and announces that, as she has ripped away his mask, he will have to kill her. But first there is a chilling pas de deux in which Eve stalls for. time and-the rapist (Joe) reveals that he has been watching her for months from a nearby rooftop, and knows even the smallest details of her daily life. Controlling her fear and loathing, Eve tries to convince Joe that she finds him attractive, that she is ready to give herself to him willingly. Although suspicious at first, Joe's vanity overrules his caution, and Eve seizes the moment to flee, fortunately into the hands of two policemen who are patrolling outside her apartment. The trapped Joe tries to convince the officers that Eve is hysterical, that she has invited him to her apartment, but the ruse fails and he is taken off. Yet the ordeal is not over, for Eve must exorcise the shock and repugnance which she now relates to men in general, and it is the remaining officer who lets her do this - allowing Eve to act out her trauma, even at his own peril, by quietly shedding his official image and. becoming, for the moment, a vulnerable, caring human being who sense another's anguish and who knows that he can help her work through it to survival.
ISBN: 0-8222-0996-9

School For Husbands

Comedy. Molière, translated into English verse by Richard Wilbur.
6 men, 3 women, Unit set. Unit Set

Two brothers, Sganarelle and Ariste, have been named guardians of a deceased friend's two daughters, to raise and even marry if they see fit. Ariste has raised Leonor with great freedom, allowing her to go to parties, indulging her whims and leaving her free to marry whomever she chooses. But Sganarelle has raised Isabelle quite differently, keeping her a virtual prisoner and intending to marry her, no matter what she desires. Ariste has tried to convince his younger brother that this will only inspire Isabelle to seek escape from him. Sganarelle believes that if she was given the same freedom as her sister she would immediately cuckold him. Meanwhile Sganarelle's young neighbour, Valere, has fallen in love with Isabelle from a distance, and she with him. Isabelle tricks her guardian into delivering secret messages to Valere by playing on Sganarelle's fears of suitors for her affections, and Sganarelle unwittingly delivers message after message, thinking Isabelle is spurning Valere's love. In the end Isabelle disguises herself as Leonor, goes to Valere's house while Sganarelle happily fetches a magistrate to marry them. Believing his views of Ariste's raising of Leonor has been proven correct, Sganarelle drags his brother out of his house to view the wedding. When Sganarelle discovers that he has been the victim of this deception however, he is shocked and swears off women forever.
ISBN: 0-8222-0998-5

The School for Wives

Comedy. Molière, translated into English verse by Richard Wilbur.
7 men, 2 women. Unit Set

Fearing cuckoldry above all else, Arnolphe has painstakingly trained the guileless Agnes from childhood to become his obedient and faithful wife. Although he has carefully shielded her from the outside world, romance finds her in the form of the dashing Horace, son of one of Arnolphe's best friends. Unaware of who his rival is, the trusting Horace enlists Arnolphe's aid in wooing Agnes - which leads to a series of hilarious and inventive twists and turns of plot, until the inevitable conclusion is reached: the wily Arnolphe is duped into outwitting himself and young love, as it will, carries the day.
ISBN: 0-8222-0999-3

The School for Wives

Comedy. Molière. Freely adapted by Miles Malleson from L'Ecole des Femmes
M6 F2. Inside and outside a house.

Arnolphe has selected as his wife the charming innocent Agnes, his ward, whom he trusts will not succumb to the prevailing vice of infidelity. But Agnes falls in love with Horace, whose father, Oronte, is Arnolphe's friend. Oronte, delighted at the romance, confides to Arnolphe that the young lady is bedevilled by a tyrannical guardian. Furious. Arnolphe plans to remove Agnes to a safer place but the lovers are united in the end. Period 1660
ISBN 0 573 01399 3

The School For Scandal

Richard Brinsley Sheridan
12m 4f. Classic comedy. Multipupose set.

A tale of two brothers. Joseph Surface is apparently a model citizen, his brother Charles a dissolute wastrel. But when the schemings of the scandal mongers go awry, the reverse is shown to be true. First staged in 1777.
ISBN 1 85459 420 6

The School of Night

Peter Whelan : Drama
8M 2F Flexible staging

On May 30th, 1593, Christopher Marlowe was killed in a brawl ... or was he? In the company of Thomas Kyd, Sir Walter Ralegh and the mysterious Tom Stone, Marlowe sets about writing his finest poem while charges of treason and atheism hang over him. When Kyd is arrested soon after, he implicates Marlowe who is forced into hiding at the now deserted Rose Theatre, once home to his greatest triumphs. Faced with increasing danger, Marlowe must plot his escape from England with the assistance of others whose loyalties appear united but remain tragically divided. Was his death simply a fight over a tavern bill, as officially recorded? Or was Marlowe, caught up in the minefield of dissidence and treason surrounding the Elizabethan Court, brutally murdered in a trap set by mercenary spies? The mystery surrounding his death and his membership in the clandestine School of Night is brought vividly to life against a backdrop of a politically and religiously divided England. First seen in Stratford upon Avon and then in London at the RSC's Pit Theatre during 1992-1993 season.
ISBN: 0 85676 159 1

Schweyk in the Second World War.

Play. Bertolt Brecht


William Rowlinson, music by Harms Eisler
Susan Davies

M12 F3. Numerous simple sets.

Brecht transposes Jaroslav Hasek's satirical 'hero' from World War I to the Prague of Hitler and Heydrich. Schweyk gets out of awkward situations in his farcical adventures by a combination of cheek and guile. Eventually he is sent to fight the Russians at Stalingrad, and on the way he meets an equally lost Hitler who asks him if he knows the way back. Interludes show Goering, Goebbels and others assuring Hitler of the loyalty and devotion of the Little Man.

The Scorched Garden

(in Spanish Plays) - Juan Mayorga. Trans. N. Drake
6m. Drama.

A group of inmates has been locked up in a mental hospital since the Spanish Civil War. For forty years their only contact with the outside world has been with an elderly doctor. Until Benet, a young medical student arrives and unveils their histories and madness. Premiered Royal Court, 1998, in a staged reading.
ISBN 1 85459 418 4

Scotland Road

Mystery. Jeffrey Hatcher:
1 man, 3 women. Interior.

In the last decade of the twentieth century, a beautiful young woman in nineteenth-century clothing is found floating on an iceberg in the middle of the North Atlantic. When rescued, she says only one word, "Titanic". The woman, Winifred, is taken to an isolated spot on the coast of Maine where an expert on the sinking of the liner, a mysterious man named John, has arranged to interrogate her for 6 days. His goal: to crack her story, get her to confess she's a fake, and reveal her true identity; his one clue: her enigmatic references to an unknown place called "Scotland Road." In a stark, white room furnished only with a ship's deck chair, John, assisted by a skeptical doctor named Halbrech, plays a cat-and-mouse game with Wnifred, probing and searching for ways to break her down. But Winifted is a formidable opponent, and as John is drawn closer to her, he becomes desperate. As time runs out, Halbrech tracts down the last, living survivor of the disaster, a reclusive old woman named Frances Kittle who has lived in seclusion for 75 years. Miss Kittle is brought to meet Winifred to test her, but the tables turn when Winifred recalls an earlier confrontation with Miss Kittle, one that took place on board the fated liner the night is sank, three quarters of a century before. By the play's end, one of the characters is dead, all the character's identities have been questioned, and John and Winifred's shared secret is revealed as they make one final journey to Scotland Road.
ISBN: 0-8222-1493-8

The Scottish Play

Play. Graham Holliday
M6 F7. Various simple interiors.

Michael has always harboured an ambition to direct Macbeth, so when he is offered he autumn production by the Shellsfoot Thespians he seizes his opportunity. He encounters problems, of course, from finding enough men, to telling grande dame Geraldine shat he doesn't want her as Lady Macbeth, despite being offered a bribe that would pay production costs. The theatrical jinx surrounding the play extends to amateur productions and Michael's life, too. A witty, humorous play, totally true to life, which was first broadcast on BBC Radio.
ISBN 0 573 01679 8


Play Dailey Paskman. Adapted from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. 10 men, 2 women. Unit Set

This excellent adaptation of Dickens' beloved story has all the humour and spirit of the Christmas season. The Narrator, who appears as Charles Dickens, takes us along each scene as the characters speak, linking all of the scenes as the story unfolds. The play is framed musically by a choir of young people who are in character as the Carollers. They sing Christmas carols to bridge the connecting scenes, and serve as background, in colourful tones, to the words of the Narrator.
ISBN: 0-8222-1001-0

Scuba Duba

A Tense Comedy. Bruce Jay Friedman.
7 men, 4 women. Interior.

The play concerns the misadventures of an American in the South of France. His wife has just gone off with a black skin-diver, and he is trying to be very fair and non-racial about it, although with indifferent results. His next-door neighbour is a bikini-clad American girl who drops in chiefly to tell him pointless stories. She is also willing to comfort him, but his main interest is dramatising himself as interchangeably forgiving and vengeful. The other visitors include a thief and a policeman who, being French, patriotically takes the French thief's side against him. The fatuous psychiatrist shows up, as does an impossible American who thinks he understands other races. The wife and her two black friends arrive; one, the skin-diver who puts on a bogus genial kind of minstrel act, the other, a romantic type who makes love poetically. They are a well-assorted and, on the whole, an amusing set of people.
ISBN: 0-8222-1002-9