Composers and their stage works 


Sherlock Holmes and the Curse of the Sign of Four

A Victorian Melodrama. Dennis Rosa. Based on the novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
5-8 men, 1 woman, 1 boy. 2 Interiors (One simple), 1 Simple Exterior.

Sherlock Holmes fans everywhere will be familiar with this classic tale of stolen treasure and murder, in which Holmes and Watson (aided after a fashion by the bumbling Inspector Lestrade) are pitted for the first time against the diabolic Professor Moriarty. At stake are the safety and fortune of the lovely Mary Morstan, whose late father has intended her to share in the riches of the long-lost Agra Treasure. The quest to resolve the baffling mystery (and murders) surrounding the whereabouts of the missing booty brings sudden danger to Holmes, romance to Watson, and high advenuueé to all concerned. Taut and fast-moving, the play cleverly blends thrills and laughter as it deftly recreates "the romanticmelodramatic style of the period in which it takes place." Published with detailed suggestions for simplified staging, it is highly recommended for groups in every category.
ISBN: 0-8222-1020-7

Sherlock's Last Case

Thriller. Charles Marowitz.
5 men, 2 women. 2 Interiors (One Simplified).

Picking up where the famous stories ended, the play centres on a death threat against Sherlock Holmes by the supposed son of his late nemesis, Professor Moriarty. Oddly enough, however, Holmes is warned of the plot by Moriarty's daughter, to whom Holmes (who turns out to be quite a ladies' man) is strongly attracted. The plot then twists and turns until Holmes finds himself imprisoned in a dank cellar, trapped not by young Moriarty but, to his shocked surprise, by the good Dr. Watson - who, it turns out, has long been bitterly resentful of his second class status as Holmes' lackey. After Holmes demise Watson comes into his own, or seems to, until a number of imposters turn up claiming to be the real Sherlock Holmes. In sorting all this out the play mixes humour and suspense in equal amounts, leading to a stunning final twist which will surely catch audiences by complete, and breath-stopping surprise.
ISBN: 0-8222-1021-5

Sherlock's Veiled Secret

Drama. K.C. Brown.
3 men, 4 women. Unit Set

It is 1920. Violet Sheridan, a young sculptress, is summoned to meet Sherlock Holmes, who is now retired and keeping bees in Sussex. Violet hopes that the great man has invited her in order to commission a bust of himself, but instead he reveals to her that they have a close family connection. Leaving out a crucial piece of the puzzle of her mysterious origins, Holmes abruptly asks Violet to collaborate with him on an unsettling blackmail case that has disturbed his retirement. But rather than join the ageing sleuth, Violet embarks on her own investigation in search of her true identity. Holmes, famous for his ability to reveal truths, employs all his waning strength to conceal the facts of Violet's heritage. Her keen, intuitive sleuthing brings her in contact with several elusive and fascinating women - all of whom seem to have been intimately involved with the great detective. Consulting a medium, at a seance Violet learns some distressing information concerning her birthright, while at the same time, Holmes' blackmail, and now murder, case becomes intertwined with Violet's search for her elusive lineage. The conclusion of the mysteries finds Holmes the super-hero forced to confront Holmes the flawed, mortal man, and his dynamic young apprentice is thrust into a situation in which she discovers her true self as she rescues her lost parents from danger.
ISBN: 0-8222-1492-X

Shining Souls

Chris Hannan
7m 4f Comedy. Multiple set.

Glasgow. Today. It's Ann's wedding - but she's in two minds because there are two men in her life, both called Billy. Meanwhile her daughter Mandy wants to save souls and makes a start with Charlie - who's on the dole and on the make. Soon there are nine characters in search of their souls, sex and a new wardrobe ...
ISBN 1 85459 361 7

Shirley Valentine

Play. Willy Russell
F1. A kitchen, a beach.

Underneath Mrs Joe Bradshaw - 42-year-old mother of two grown-up children - there is the former Shirley Valentine longing to get out. Her feminist friend offers her a free holiday in Greece and she seizes the opportunity. Shirley, breaking out of the mould cast for her by society, is brilliantly shown with humour, warm sympathy and human insight. 'In this play [Mr Russell] touches English audiences directly in a way that no other playwright has done since the early John Osborne ... brilliantly funny...' The Times.
ISBN 0 573 03102 9


Thriller. Brian Clemens
M4 (20s-40s) F3 (young, 30s). A converted windmill.

Maggie lives in a converted windmill, to which her lover, Terry, and Maggie's friend Ann are coming to celebrate her birthday. Maggie has some peculiar tastes, including tape-recording the most private intimacies between herself and her lovers. This indulgence soon causes consternation among the visitors, culminating in the death of Ann's fiancé A second horror is the discovery that Maggie has been murdered. A final twist proves the relevance of the play's title.
ISBN 0 573 11410 2

Shock Tactics

Farce. John Dole
M6 (20s, middle-age, 50s) F5 (10, 20s, 40s, 50s). A living-room.

Fred is a home-built computer given to uttering loud and embarrassing remarks at inopportune moments. He all but ruins the courtship of his owner's daughter, but does have his uses: he is able to forecast the weather with complete accuracy. News of this reaches the Met. Office, who send a spy posing as a believer in the occult to infiltrate the Shaw household, while Uncle Ben finds out if Fred can predict the winner of the 3.30.

The Shoemaker's Wonderful Wife

Play. Federico Garcia Lorcá. Translated by Gwynne Edwards
M7 F9. A house.

In this play subtitled 'A Violent Farce in Two Acts', a young wife is not satisfied with her elderly husband and spends her time talking to young men through the window. The shoemaker leaves her, abandoning her to face the insults of the neighbours. In the second act he returns, disguised, and listens as she vows loyalty to her absent husband. He then reveals his identity only to find that she blames him for her problems, as her former suitors stab each other outside.

Shooting Stars

Comedy. Molly Newman. 1 man, 7 women. Interior.

The time is Christmas week, 1962: the place, a locker room in a rundown, small town gymnasium where a touring womens basketball team, "The Shooting Stars," is getting ready to face off against a local men's team. High-spirited and mostly southern, the girls quickly emerge as distinct personalities as, amid the very funny banter and horseplay, we learn about their personal "hang-ups" and the lives they left behind to join the group. The entrance of the team's paternalistic owner-manager, Cassius, adds a further dimension to the action as he parcels out assignments, rides herd on their diets and persuades their star centre, Wilma, to forego election to the Basketball Hall of Fame lest the honour divide the loyalties of the team. But then, when Cassius is felled by a sudden, fatal heart attack, "The Shooting Stars" must, for the first time, decide their own fate - whether to give up or go on, whether to really become a team or to acknowledge that, without the guiding hand of Cassius, they are hopelessly adrift. How they rise to the occasion is both funny and moving and, as the play ends, will bring audiences to their feet as the seven women, dazzling in their blue and silver uniforms, set off to the cheers of the waiting crowd - determined to win, and keep on winning.
ISBN: 0-8222-1023-1

The Shortchanged Review

Play. Michael Dorn Moody.
4 men, 2 women. Divided Interior

The story centres on Nicky Shannigan, a middle-aged disc jockey who operates a listener sponsored radio station. He is long on charm but short on cash, yet he idealistically resists his partner's pleas to accept advertising. He also runs into further trouble when a young rock star whom he has been helping is arrested on a drug charge, and Nicky uses his son's inheritance (from his first wife) to help him. When the son, who has been wounded both physically and psychologically in Vietnam, returns unexpectedly, he is bitter about his father's actions and tension begins to mount ominously. Nicky is also beset by other troubles; the antagonism between his new wife and his son; the rebellious misbehaviour of his teenage stepdaughter; and his dangerously stubborn refusal to give up a subpoenaed tape made by his young protégé. In the end these forces collide, as they must, and with overwhelming dramatic power-yielding rape, murder and the moving spectacle of a man destroyed by the darker side of his own ideals.
ISBN: 0-8222-1024-X

The Shop at Sly Corner

Edward Percy : Thriller/Suspense
6M 4F Interior set

Descius Heiss, after a dark past in crime, settles in London and, to all appearances, is a respectable gentleman. His chief aim is to provide happiness and security for his gifted daughter, Margaret, who has been brought up in complete ignorance of her father's past. Ostensibly Heiss runs an antique shop but actually he buys and sells gold and jewels from thieves. One of the secrets of his establishment is that in his shop there is a smelting furnace, skillfully concealed behind a mantelpiece. Archie Fellows, a very ambitious and unscrupulous young man, accidentally discovers Heiss' secret and from then on blackmails him. Heiss, for fear his secret will become known to Margaret, is at last driven to violence. Margaret's fiancé has brought the old man two poison darts from the Orient and one of these Heiss uses on Archie. Scotland Yard steps in and the old man fears that he must face the consequences of his act. When at last the police come closer and closer to the facts in the case, Heiss gets more desperate and makes use of the second of the two poisoned darts upon himself. Before the old man dies, the police inspector comes to Heiss shop and Heiss believes that this is the end, but the inspector, still unaware of Heiss' role in the crime, has come simply to ask for an antique which has caught his eye. Heiss then dies and his daughter remains ignorant of what he has done.
ISBN: 0 85676 087 0

Showdown on Rio Road

Children's Comedy: Mark Medoff and Ross Marks.
1 man, 10 boys, 4 girls (flexible casting). Unit Set

A funny, heart-warming story of two brothers who, through a time of hilarious crisis, learn who they can really count on. Wesley Wyatt, a goofy computer nerd, his-younger brother Boysy, have built (along with their father) what arguably is the world's most technologically advanced fort. Along with the father's very real "humanoid robot," the two boys form a neighbourhood club. Their club and Wesley's leadership is quickly threatened when the stylish "King" Victor, a spirited wanna-be bully, moves into town from the big city and wants possession of the fort. Wesley's cowardice loses the fort, but not before he leads a comically unsuccessful campaign to save it. Push comes to shove, literally, when Wesley finally stands up to Victor. Older and bigger, Victor starts to beat up Wesley when Boysy comes to his rescue, saving his brother and the fort. Victor retreats, crying all the way home. Victor turns out to be a sweet, misunderstood kid, who excels at piano, and in the end, joins the brothers and the neighbourhood kids in the local Little League game. This whimsical, fast-paced play can be understood and enjoyed by anyone who has ever had to overcome an obstacle - or a schoolyard bully.
ISBN: 0-8222-1620-5

Shut Your Eyes and Think of England

Comedy. John Chapman and Anthony Marriott
M6 (40s-50s) F3 (young, early middle-age). A penthouse apartment.

This hilarious, smash-hit West End comedy starred Frank Thornton and Donald Sinden. When Mr Pullen comes into the office on Saturday to finish the books for the audit he is astonished to find his employer, Sir Justin Holbrook, in the penthouse flat with a call-girl. As the day progresses and new arrivals include Lady Holbrook, Mrs Pullen and a very influential Arab sheikh events lead to an impenetrable maze of confused identities.
ISBN 0 573 11411 0