Composers and their stage works 


Some Explicit Polaroids

Play. Mark Ravenhill
The new play from the author of "Shopping and F***ing"

In prison since 1984, Nick finds himself released into a world he doesn't recognise: 'Eat The Rich' has given way to 'Things Can Only Get Better'. The 'gay plague' has a happy ending thanks to new drugs, Russian go-go dancers can be downloaded from the internet, and optimistic psychobabble has replaced the language of anger and hurt. But as the characters are drawn in to the settling of an old score, they realise how much they miss the old certainties of the past. 'Bright, sharp and funny' - Michael Billington

Some Sunny Day

Play. Martin Sherman
M4 (20s, 30s, 50s) F2 (40s). A sitting-room and hallway.

Cairo, 1942. As war rages in the desert, cultures collide in the city and six individuals struggle to come to terms with love, lust and fate in an alien country. In a melange of Mozart, Carmen Miranda, Vera Lynn, Dixieland and cries from the minarets as the muezzins call the men to prayer, this witty and audacious play inhabits a world where everyone has something to hide and anyone may be a spy.

Someone Waiting

Melodrama. Emlyn Williams.
4 men, 5 women. Interior.

The play deals with a stuffy English motor magnate with an evil look to him and who is married to Miss Landis. They have adopted and brought up Hardy. Hardy is a problem boy. He has failed his law exams and he hates his adopted father. He also is upset because his best friend has just been hanged for murdering a servant girl in this very apartment, and he thinks his friend was innocent. So in comes Carroll, with gentle good manners and a baffled look, as the new tutor hired to get the boy through the law exams next time. He is, one soon learns, the father of the boy who was unjustly hanged for murder. He has come here to administer justice all by himself to whoever it was in this house who really did the killing. Before the evening is over you will find you have been misled several times - but never dishonestly, for playwright Williams has a tidy mind and is an honourable trickster.
ISBN: 0-8222-1054-1

Something Cloudy, Something Clear

Play. Tennessee Williams.
5 men, 3 women. Interior/Exterior.

The scene is a beach shack on Cape Cod, during the summer of 1940, where August, a fledgling playwright, is re-writing the play intended for his Broadway debut. He is distracted by his infatuation for Kip, a handsome Canadian dancer and draft dodger, who is visiting with a wealthy and protective young girl named Clare, reputedly his sister. When Clare, who is not all she claims to be, goes off with a gangster friend, August takes advantage of her absence to lay suit to the sexually ambivalent Kip. But while he wins his case, there is as much pain as pleasure in their liaison, as Kip proves to be both terminally ill and unable to reciprocate August's obsessive passion. And, as a counter theme, August must also negotiate with the fawning, penny-pinching producers, whose crass commercialism he turns aside with a fierce defence of his artistic integrity. In the end we know that his play, like his sexual compulsion, will come to grief - but we are also aware that the artist, and the vision he must pursue, will remain undaunted and undiminished despite all the obstacles and frustrations which surely lie ahead.
ISBN: 0-8222-1475-X

Something To Hide

Leslie Sands : Thriller
3M 4F Interior set

The setting is a charming house in the English countryside where Howard Holt, a writer, is visited each weekend by his wife, who is also his publisher. During the week he is joined by his mistress - a fact (although Howard doesn't realise it) of which his wife is well aware. As the action begins the departing mistress is (apparently) run over and killed by the wife as she enters the driveway and Howard gallantly offers to dispose of the body. Thereafter begins a sequence of events in which one unexpected turn follows another, as a seemingly gullible police inspector accepts the story cooked up by Howard and his wife to cover their tracks. But their relief is short-lived as blackmail, another murder, and questions as to the real fate of the mistress enter the picture - and all are deftly used by the inspector (who is more clever than they thought) to set the trap which untangles the twisted web of lies and brings the real murderer to justice.
ISBN: 0 85676 046 3

Some Things You Need to Know Before the World Ends (A Final Evening With the Illuminati)

Play: Levi Lee and Larry Larson.
2-6 men. Interior

An irreverent, highly theatrical and hilarious send-up of organized religion. "Illuminati is a post-holocaust farce about a loony preacher who has visions of playing basketball against the Devil and conducting job interviews with sainthood applicants.

The setting is the bombed-out, post-holocaust sanctuary of a church, where the Reverend Eddie (clad in long underwear) prepares to deliver his final sermon: "Life Is Like a Basketball Game." Abetted by his faithful helper, the hunch-backed Brother Lawrence, Reverend Eddie first embarks on a series of wildly funny skits in which Saint Paul and Saint Timothy discuss the shaky position of women in religion; an applicant for sainthood agonizes over what form of martyrdom to pursue; and the Reverend challenges the Devil to a final showdown on the basketball court. And, throughout, there is the unseen but undeniable presence of "The Illuminati," a mysterious but all-powerful force which guides the destiny of what's left of the world, and whose baleful influence is dearly felt by Brother Lawrence as he ascends the pulpit to read the newly deceased Reverend Eddie's final words to whomever is left to hear them.
ISBN: 0-8222-1056-8

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me

Play. Frank McGuinness
M3 (young, elderly). A bare cell.

An Englishman, an Irishman and an American are locked up together in a cell in the Middle East. As victims of political action, powerless to initiate change, what can they do? How do they live and survive'? Frank McGuinness explores the daily crises endured by hostages whose strength comes from communication, both subtle and mundane, from humour, wit and faith.

Something to Remember You By.

Play. Jimmie Chinn
M2 (30s, 40s) F3 (30s, 40s, 50s). Various simple settings.

Enter the strange and lonely world of Armstrong Armstrong. Struggling to become a writer, convinced he is ugly and scarred, he can find escape only at the cinema and in his absent father's collection of records. Meeting Venetia, the very image of his favourite female singer, Armstrong begins to believe that happiness is possible for him, but disillusionment soon sets in and he has to find a more intense form of escapism - becoming his icon herself.
ISBN 0 573 01872 3

Somewhere In Between

Romantic Comedy. Craig Pospisil.
3 men, 3 women, flexible casting. Unit Set

Told in ten scenes, the play begins in the dark, as Jasper confesses his feelings of isolation to the audience. But he soon becomes unnerved in the dark, and calls for lights. In the first scene, Jasper is stuck Between Floors on an elevator with a claustrophobic man, who quickly and hilariously goes over the edge. In Between the Sheets, a sleazy co-worker offers him farcical advice on how to pick up women. That night Jasper winds up at a bookstore in Between the Lines, and tries to pick up a pretty clerk, Holly. He strikes out badly, but gets picked up by another woman, who takes him home ...where she lives with her boyfriend. A ride on The Subway turns into a comic free-for-all as he and other riders enthusiastically give advice to a lost tourist. In The Party, Jasper again crosses paths with Holly and gamely carries on a conversation with her, hoping she wont recognize him, but she does and teases him flirtatiously. The two hit it off and leave the party to have dinner. On The First Date, Jasper and Holly go to a cozy restaurant for quiet conversation, but the couple seated on one side of them erupts in a battle of the sexes, while the couple on the other side engages in passionate verbal foreplay. Later, Jasper walks Holly back to her apartment in The Walk Home where their conversation seems mundane, but their fantasies about each other are anything but. A chance encounter with a homeless man in Between the Cracks forces Jasper to gain some perspective on his, life. Back at work, in Between JOBS, Jasper snaps when a friend tells him Holly is dating someone else. Losing his cool, he kicks a chair, breaks his foot, and gets himself fired. Suddenly liberated, he hobbles to Holly's bookstore in Somewhere in Somewhere in Between and asks her if she is seeing someone else. She isn't. They kiss - and leave immediately for the hospital. In the end, Jasper briefly talks to the audience again, understanding he must accept life's uncertainties, which aren't all bad, and make the best of what comes his way.
ISBN: 0-8222-1522-5

Somewhere On the Border

(in South African Plays) - Anthony Akerman
7m. Drama. Flexible staging.

A fierce anti-war play following a unit of whites-only South African artillery trainees in basic camp before and during their assault on the Angolan border in the 1978 invasion. First staged 1983
ISBN 1 85459 148 7

Son of Man

Play. Dennis Potter
M 15 F2. Extras. Various simple settings on an open stage.

Here Jesus is portrayed as a man agonised by the feeling of divinity within him, and with all a man's capacity for suffering and pain. The play also examines the historical and political situation in which the events occurred. Very simple to stage and suitable for production on stage or in church. Period New Testament
ISBN 0 573 16004 X


Play. Jonathan Marc Sherman,
5 men, 3 women, 1 child; unit

Philosophy professor Whitey McCoy is accused of seducing one of his seniors, Jack Kahn. Whitey's most dedicated students find this nearly impossible to believe because everyone knows that the alleged victim is not only a substance abuser but also a potential pathological liar. In flashbacks of both Whitey's and Jack's versions of the night in question, neither story can be completely refuted or verified. Whitey did indeed invite a drunken Jack to spend the night at his house during the school's Thanksgiving break, but did he actually seduce the youth against his will, as Jack claims, or was he merely protecting the despondent Jack from harming himself? It boils down to one person's word against the other's, and Whitey McCoy is fired, suffering the destruction of a career of eighteen years all in the name of saving the college's peerless reputation, personified by Quintana Matheson, the college's conservative female president and Whitey's chief persecutor. McCoy, unable to suffer the abyss of joblessness, sues the university for damages, confusing all the issues even more than they had been. Also deeply affected by the events is a close group of friends whose own perilous romantic entanglements and divided allegiances to either Whitey or Jack send them on increasingly divergent paths which only highlight the fact that their years as college students are at an end and soon all of them will be facing the very same real world that Whitey has faced, but this time they'll be doing it alone.
ISBN: 0-8222-1347-8

The Sorrows of Frederick

Play Romulus Linney.
13 men, 1 woman. Unit Set

Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, aged 73, rises in his tent on the morning of a battle. He is bent, snarling, formidable and sardonically funny. He addresses his army and rouses it to savage fury, then, receiving a message, commands its retreat. He will leave the battlefield to go home and bury his dog. To his General's astonishment, he does, and riding home, we go back with him through his life. We see Frederick the artistic young prince, locked in unequal combat with a brutal, adored father. We see him a young king, forsaking music and poetry and philosophy for naked aggression. We see him a mature monarch, exchanging friendship and fury with Voltaire, and demolishing the Holy Roman Empire with dazzling military genius. Finally, his journey ends. Over the body of a pet greyhound, he reveals how completely he has been the victim of his life, and the inescapable legacies of fathers.
ISBN: 0-8222-1058-4

Southern Cross

Play. Jon Klein.
8 men, 3 women (8-17 men, 3-4 women), Unit Set

Southern Cross is an epic play that navigates the "river of history" in the Southern United States, uncovering cycles of retribution and deliverance. The paths of many historical figures cross, from the Civil War to the era of Civil Rights. The more familiar stories include General William T Sherman's March to the Sea, Huey Long's rise and fall, Martin Luther King's struggles in Selma, and the exploitation of Elvis Presley. Lesser known figures also share the stage: defiant landowners, runaway slaves and brave martyrs to the cause of freedom. A steam-boat captain is on hand to contribute a little typical folklore. Historical moments are juxtaposed to show the echoes and resonances of history. For example, the humorous, joyful adventure of a slave who ferried hundreds of people to freedom across the Ohio River, is followed by tear gas and clubs as a freedom marcher attempts to cross the Edmund Pettis Bridge. Finally, all the different stories of the play come together in a chilling finale.
ISBN: 0-8222-1061-4

Southern Exposure

Comedy. Owen Crump.
3 men, 5 women. Interior. (22 tourists are called for, 8 men, 14 women. All are speaking parts. The tourists are necessary, but it is easy to omit several, or to add some.)

It is azalea season in Natchez, Mississippi and the annual pilgrimage of tourists are swarming through the historic mansions. In Mayweather Hall, Penelope Mayweather, a once beautifirl Southern belle, is horrified by the tourists who are led through her home by an energetic guide at fifty cents a head. But the money isn't enough to keep Penelope from the clutches of those "Dawn yankees" down at the bank Thus when a young author, John Salguod, turns up, she is persuaded to take him as a roomer. However, it develops that John is visiting under an assumed name because he has written a book banned in Natchez. The locals consider it a gross libel on their way of life, but it is a best-seller everywhere else. Penelopes frantic efforts to keep him hidden from her neighbours are frustrated when Carol, her soon-to-be married, pretty young cousin, comes to spend the night. When her parents discover she stayed a second night, scandal looms. The irate parents, blaming Penelope, threaten to take over Mayweather Hall, which they can do by forcing foreclosure through the bank. But meantime John finds Penelope's diary which she wrote over a period of forty years, giving embarrassing details about most of the towns citizens. John's publisher arrives on the first morning of the Pilgrimage and offers Penelope a fabulous sum for her memoirs. Carol is in love with John, and at the end the two are married, and Mayweather Hall is out of hock!

The Southwest Corner

Comedy/Drama. John Cecil Holm (based on the novel by Mildred Walker).
3 men, 4 women. Interior.

Marcia Elder, a retired village school teacher, lives alone in her family home in Vermont. She is very happy in her lovely country house, but she begins to think about the possibility of finding a companion who will care for her as she grows older. In reply to an advertisement she has put in a newspaper, Bea Cannon turns up. Bea is a widow, energetic, talkative and the kind of person who takes over wherever she finds herself. Marcia agrees to take Bea as her companion, signing a will in which she leaves her house and all its antique furnishings to Bea in return for Bea's care as long as Marcia lives. No sooner is Bea settled into Marcia's home than her true nature appears. She's not actively unkind or selfish - but being insensitive she can be almost more cruel. Bea can understand only her own kind of life - one which centred around confession magazines, television and gossiping with the neighbours. Since none of these things are available in Marcia's home, Bea starts a campaign to get Marcia to sell her farm and move to the city. Marcia, who is too gentle to withstand Bea's forceful determination, grows more and more unhappy and finally gives in to the point where she agrees to auction off the house and its furnishings. We know that Marcia's life, away from the place and things she loves, will be very short but it seems there is nothing to be done. Until, at the last moment, during the auction itself, something happens which saves Marcia's home and provides her with delightful companions - a young couple who are planning to marry, and who will live in Marcia's home with her.
ISBN: 0-8222-1062-2