Composers and their stage works 


To Be Continued

Comedy. William Marchant.
2 men, 5 women. Interior.

A woman wants to marry the man she has loved for twenty-six years, even though he happens to be married to somebody else. He is a wealthy New York jeweller, who spends weekdays at her city apartment and weekends in Connecticut with his wife. Together with an old friend who has been deserted by the man she loved, the woman begins a campaign to inform the wife in the country of the husband's city infidelity by writing an anonymous letter to her. It has immediate results. The wife comes to New York and hires private detectives to spy on him in the woman's apartment, while the woman herself assists the divorce preparations in ingenious ways. The two women even agree to meet, and they find that they like each other so much that each feels she must sacrifice something of her own wishes in order not to interfere with the happiness of the other. The husband surprises them in the midst of their good-humored discussion and attempts to settle his own fate. But the women will have none of it. They have made up their own minds what is best for him, and he will just have to like it.
ISBN: 0-8222-1156-4

To Bury a Cousin

Play. Gus Weill.
5 men, 5 women. Unit Set

The play is written in the form of a dramatic inquest. Ben, a playwright and an original person, has come home to somewhere in the Deep South to bury his cousin Bert. He has also come to place the guilt for the suicide on the shoulders of Bert's parents, his wife, his circumstances. The interweaving flashbacks show guilt enough. Bert's parents were narrow-minded, dominating people, very much responsible for their son's virtual impotence. More believably, his wife's prudery murdered whatever physical love might have been possible between them ('He waited for me and I waited for him'). The play's treatment of this subject alone - the relationship between marriage, love and sex - is so wisely conceived that I think it in itself worth the work. But there is much more. In gliding and flowing through a lifetime, with incidents of family, marriage and discovery of sex through a wonderfully physical prostitute, To Bury a Cousin weaves through a dramatic collage of delicate intensity.
ISBN: 0-8222-1157-2

To Forgive, Divine

Comedy. Jack Neary.
2 men, 3 women. Interior

Tongues have begun to wag about the handsome young parish priest Father Jerry Dolan, who has, so they say, been seeing quite a lot of a pretty young parishioner, Katie Cachenko, whom he has known since their school days, when both played in the CYO band. The rumors haven't exactly been scotched by Millie Mullins, Father Dolan's gossipy housekeeper who, with her romantically minded niece, Margaret, has kept all and sundry informed of each bit of possibly damaging grist for the rumor mill. And, as a matter of fact, the situation does seem ripe for trouble: Katie is suffocating in her marriage to Ralph, an insensitive; macho lout and former high school football star; and Father Dolan is suffering one of the identity crises which always beset him after he has seen a Woody Allen movie - gnawing doubts about "Who am I, and what am I doing here?" Things come to a head when Father Dolan dances with Katie six times at a reunion dance of the CYO Marching Band, leading to a tense, funny/serious confrontation with Katie's incensed husband, Ralph, in the church vestry. Ending up in an hilarious wrestling match, the two men eventually realize that, at best, they are both behaving like silly kids - particularly in view of the fact that nothing really did, or probably could, happen between the committed priest and his vulnerable parishioner. And, as the play reaches its touching, bittersweet conclusion, it is clear that all concerned have gained, amid the general hilarity, a good bit of self-knowledge to help them weather future "disturbances" whether romantic or religious.
ISBN: 0-8222-1159-9

To Meet Oscar Wilde

Play. Norman Holland
M2 (30s, 40s) F1 (30s). Offstage voices. Simple lecture platform setting.

'To meet Oscar Wilde' was an inducement printed by Victorian Society hostesses on soiree invitations. In this fascinating play Oscar Wilde gives a dissertation on his life in a lecture in 1899. Supported by his friend, Lord Evelyn, and an actress, Penelope Dyall - who between them enact all the male and female characters mentioned in the dissertation - we are taken, in a series of short scenes, on a journey through Wilde's life. Period Late Victorian
ISBN 0 573 01948 7

Today I Am a Fountain Pen

Play Israel Horovitz. Based on stories by Morley Torgov.
5 men, 3 women. Unit Set.

Talented and precocious, Irving Yanover, at the tender age of 10, is both a piano prodigy and, at times, a thorn in the side of his orthodox parents, who lament his unaccountable predilection for bacon. But knowing that his mother and father indulge a similar passion (while dining out at a Chinese restaurant), Irving can only question their double standard. But even more upsetting is the unhappy fate of Annie, the Yanovers' young Ukrainian housekeeper, whose romance with a young Italian immigrant is bitterly opposed by her staunchly old-world parents - even though everyone knows that Annie's father is an enthusiastic devotee of Italian opera. Happily, however, these and other problems are delightfully resolved, with wit, gentle humour and a warm sense of humanity which will endear the play to audiences of all faiths and backgrounds.
ISBN: 0-8222-1529-2

Today Is Independence Day

Drama. William Hanley
1 man, 1 woman. Interior

It is the morning of a sultry July 4th. Evalyn, rouses her husband, Sam. Sam's arm is in a cast, having been broken fighting off an attempt to hijack his taxi. But Sam doesn't want to talk about this for he is unsure of his wife's motives. Their ensuing conversation is filled with barbs and subtle rebukes. But it is evident that Evalyn has reached a point of critical re-evaluation, and, amidst their attempts to hurt each other, she tells Sam that she loves him. He reacts as though too much had already been done to destroy the very thing which Evalyn is trying to hold on to. The conversation turns to other matters, but it is soon brought up short by Evalyn's admission that she is undergoing psychiatric treatment. The confession is a measure of her desperate unhappiness and the thing which makes Sam resolve to leave her. But as he is preparing to go a messenger arrives with flowers for Evalyn's birthday which Sam had not forgotten despite all. Somehow this small act of concern brings a sense of release to both of them, as though their crisis, while not resolved, had been ameliorated by a new awareness that what they have together is all there will be for both of them and they must make the best of it.
ISBN: 0-8222-0070-8

A Toe in the Water

Comedy. Derek Benfield
M3 (young, middle-age) F3 (20s, 40s). Composite setting: a pool side and bedroom.

Seeking peace and tranquility, Gerald goes to spend a few days in a health farm, presided over by the highly moral Mr Potter. But his hopes are soon dashed by the arrival of his secretary (declaring her undying passion for him), his daughter (intent upon naughty assignations with her boyfriend), and his wife. The resulting mix-ups caused by crafty deceit and misfiring erotic adventures prove more than a headache for the hapless Mr Potter!
ISBN 573 01906 1

Tom and Clem

Play. Stephen Churchett
M3 (20s-30s, 62) Fl (mid 30s). A large room.

It's 1945 and newly elected, pragmatic Labour Prime Minister, Clement Atlee, arrives in defeated Germany for the Potsdam conference. He encounters his most flamboyant new MP, Tom Driberg, a radical journalist and bon viveur. Stephen Churchett's play explores the nature of personal and political compromise and the conflict between liberty of conscience and totalitarianism, against a backdrop of events which were to shape a country and continent in the second half of the twentieth century. Period 1945

Tom Jones

Comedy. Joan Macalpine. Based on the novel by Henry Fielding
M7 F7. Extras. Composite setting.

Tom Jones is rich, ripe and rowdy. Tom, Squire Allworthy's adopted son, falls victim to the charms of one rustic wench after another, until at last the Squire grows tired of the trouble he causes and sends him off to cause it elsewhere. Then Tom becomes entangled with three women at once: Jenny Waters, a lady of warm heart and generous virtue, Mrs Fitzpatrick, a society lady seeking diversion from her oafish husband, and Sophia Western, whom Tom truly loves.
ISBN 0 573 11439 0

A Tomb with a View

Comedy thriller. Norman Robbins
M4 (30s-70s) F6 (20s-60s). A library.

The action begins with the reading of the Tomb family will (involving some millions of pounds) to a pretty sinister family, one member of which has werewolf tendencies, another wanders around in a toga in the style of Julius Caesar, a third is a gentle, elderly lady who plants more than seeds in her flower-beds. By the third act there are more corpses than live members left in the cast!
ISBN 0 573 11451 X


(in Czech Plays) - Vaclav Havel. Trans B. Day
6-11m 5f. Fifty-minute drama. Minimal set.

A semi-documentary about the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918 written by Vaclav Havel, the President of the Czech republic. When Havel wrote the piece in 1988 he had been declared a 'banned writer' by the Communist Government and so Tomorrow was produced anonymously.
ISBN1 85459 074 X

The Tomorrow Box

Play. Anne Chislett.
2 men, 3 women., Divided set

The setting is a farm in rural Ontario, where Jack and Maureen Cooper have made their lives and raised their many children. But now, nearing retirement age, Jack (without consulting Maureen) has sold the farm to one of their sons, Joe, with the thought that he and Maureen can retire to Florida and a life of ease. However Maureen, who finds out about the sale from her daughter-in-law, Alice, is devastated by the prospect of leaving all the things and people who mean so much to her, and deeply hurt that Jack would make such crucial plans without her knowledge. Egged on by Lisa, Alice's sister and a radical feminist lawyer, Maureen decides to go to court to block the sale - and the fur really begins to fly in the Cooper household. Maureen moves out and, after forty years as a dutiful wife and mother, starts her own business; while Jack storms off to Florida by himself. Before long, however, Jack comes to realize not only that he needs and loves Maureen, but also that she is an independent and capable human being, and not merely his chattel. As the play ends he is back, wiser and more humble, and ready to start a new life and a new marriage - but this time on terms to which they both agree.
ISBN: 0-88754-480-0

Tons of Money

Farce. Will Evans and Valentine
M6 (young, 30s, elderly) F4 (20s, elderly). A library.

Aubrey has been left the life interest in a fortune which reverts on his death to his cousin George. Since George is thought to have died in Mexico, Aubrey 'dies' and then resurrects himself as cousin George, thus eliminating his own vast debts. He is obliged to 'die' and take on other identities twice more to avoid complications, until the real George turns up, announcing that the Mexican Government has annexed the fortune. Period 1922
ISBN 0 573 01450 7

Tons of Money

Farce. Will Evans and Valentine, revised by Alan Ayckbourn
M6 F4. For cast and settings see above.

Alan Ayckbourn's revised version of the first of the famous Aldwych farces, originally produced in 1922 starring the great farce actor Ralph Lynn, retains the spirit whilst altering some of the original letter of the text - changes to verbal jokes, for instance, or to some of Lynn's uniquely personal gags. The basic story, however, remains the same. The National Theatre produced this version in 1986 with Michael Gambon and Simon Cadell.
ISBN 0 573 01671 2