Composers and their stage works 


The Uneasy Chair

Evan Smith
3 men, 2 women. Interior.

Somewhere in the 19th Century, Amelia Pickles, a prim and proper spinster of modest means, agrees to let out a room in her Victorian London establishment to a retired military man, Josiah Wickeltt. The arrangement seems to be working out until Mr. Wickett decides to play matchmaker with Miss Pickles' prissy niece Alexandrina, and his nephew, Darlington, an officer in the cavalry. Through a gross misinterpretation, Miss Pickles believes she, not Alexandrina, is the object of Mr. Wickett's, not Darlington's, affection. Miss Pickles is convinced Mr. Wickett will soon ask for her hand in marriage. When he denies, she decides to take her boarder to a court of law for breach of promise. Mr. Wickett loses the trial. Or does he win? He doesn't wish to pay Miss Pickles her settlement and instead he opts to marry the lonely woman. Through the musings, regrets, anecdotes, and comedic bickerings between their forced duet it seems as though just maybe they were meant to be together after all.
ISBN: 0-8222-1699-X

The Unexpected Guest

Play. Agatha Christie
M7 (19, 30s, 40, middle-age) F3 (30, 50, elderly). A study.

Michael Starkwedder stumbles in to Richard Warwick's study to find him dead and his wife Laura standing nearby with a gun. The police are puzzled by a set of fingerprints. Do they belong to MacGregor, the man whose child Warwick killed or are belonging to Julian Farrar, Laura's lover whom Laura has lied to protect? After Warwick's half-brother confesses to the murder and then kills himself the case is closed but then Miss Christie produces one of her surprise endings.
ISBN 0 573 01467 1

Unfinished Stories

Drama. Sybille Pearson,
3 men, 1 women; interior.

Over 48 hours in an Upper West Side apartment in Manhattan, four people attempt to bridge the gaps in their lives, heal old wounds and connect across seemingly unbridgeable cultural, conjugal and generational gulfs. The play revolves around Walter, a formidable, deeply principled German-Jewish doctor who fled Germany as Hitler came to power and who now clings to his past; Walter's son Yves, a middle-aged working actor, desperately trying to gain his father's acceptance and love; Yves's son Daniel, swimming in confusion yet wholly devoted to his grandfather; and finally, Gaby, Yves's ex-wife and Daniel's mother, an outsider to the adversity between the fathers and sons, the bitterness of which threatens to consume her. Each member of the family circles one another trying to come to terms, yet they seem to move farther apart. The play culminates with Walter's death, which seems may finally tear Yves, Gaby and Daniel completely apart; yet, at first helpless without him, the fractured family stays together.
ISBN: 0-8222-1351-6

The Uninvited

Thriller. Tim Kelly, from the novel by Dorothy Macardle.
4 men, 6 women. Interior

Seeking to escape the demands of life in London, Pam Fitzgerald and her brother. Roddy, an aspiring playwright, discover a charming house in the west of England, overlooking the Irish Sea. The house, Cliff End, has long been empty and they are able to purchase it at a suspiciously low price from crusty Commander Brooke, the village curmudgeon. The reason is soon apparent - the house has an unsavoury reputation. Fifteen years earlier a murder may or may not have taken place by the gnarled tree that can be viewed from the parlour window. Slowly the Fitzgeralds begin to sense the evil spirit that still inhabits the house, announcing its presence with sudden, bone-chilling cold. Their housekeeper's cat will not enter the nursery, where the sound of a weeping woman adds to the tense atmosphere and the scent of a flowery, exotic perfume called mimosa comes and goes. The village doctor, the local gossip, and a former governess visit with strange stories of the beautiful Mary Meredith, who once lived in the house, and of the striking, unstable Carmel, who posed for a painting that led to her destruction. With the help of Mary's daughter, Stella, a beautiful young girl whose mysterious birth holds the key to the puzzle, and a seance arranged by an actress friend of the Fitzgeralds, Cliff End is forced, at last, to reveal its dark secrets. The action then builds steadily to a truly terrifying climax, in which the ghost is discovered to be not only real, but dangerous.
ISBN: 0-8222-1196-3

Unoriginal Sin

Comedy. David Tristram
M4 (20s, 30s, 50s) F2 (24, 30s). A living-room.

Bill and Jenny are divorcing. She tries to catch him in a compromising position while he attempts to seduce the young, innocent Eve who has come to view Bill and Jenny's country cottage. Eve arrives with her fiancé and Jenny proposes to Bill a 'first to the bedpost' competition to establish the divorce settlement. Jenny wins and Bill is humbled into reassessing his profligacy. This riotous comedy is by the author of the famous Inspector Drake farces.

Unsent Letters

(in Hungarian Plays) - Andor Szilagyi. Trans I. Patthy
1m 1f. Comedy/drama. Minimal set.

A man and a woman - Angelus and Angelina - meet at a railway station, fall in love and part, thinking they'll never meet again. But as the play shows, they meet again and again, though always in a different time. Funny, enigmatic and poignant, Unsent Letters plays with the idea of the many missed opportunities in life. Premiered 1993.
ISBN 1 85459 244 0

The Unvarnished Truth

Play. Royce Ryton
M4 (middle-age) F4 (middle-age, elderly). 1 F voice only. A living-room.

One evening Tom and Annabel have a row which leaves Annabel dead. A hectic evening ensues when no woman can enter the cottage without rapidly becoming deceased. Annabel's mother-in-law and Tom's landlady follow, and disposal of bodies becomes an acute problem. The arrival of a grim police inspector complicates matters, until a further corpse involves him too. The hysterical ending finds the stage littered with female corpses, frantic males, and a potential fifth victim banging on the door.
ISBN 0 573 11465 X

Up and Running

Comedy. Derek Benfield
M3 (20s, 50s) F3 (20s, 40s). A living-room.

Veteran TV talk-show host Patrick Sumner is desperate to impress his new producer Reg Godfrey, who visits Patrick's smart London flat for drinks. But Patrick reckons without the intervention of Jenny, a pretty girl who arrives on the same evening as Reg, intent upon infiltrating Patrick's private life and even passing herself off as his wife. When Patrick's real wife returns unexpectedly from a Paris trip, Patrick is forced into a spiralling series of lies and subterfuge.
ISBN 0 573 01916 9

Up 'n' Under

Comedy. John Godber
M6 F1 . A bare stage.

Dedicated to the Rugby League fans of Hull and created for the Hull Truck Theatre Company this comedy was premiered at the Edinburgh Festival in 1984 where it won a Fringe First award and subsequently the 1984 Laurence Olivier Award for Comedy of the Year after a successful run in London. Set 'somewhere in the north of England' it centres on the amateur rugby team from the Wheatsheaf Arms who can only muster a side of four whose pride lies in their unbroken record of defeat.
ISBN 0 573 01915 0

Up 'n' Under II

Comedy. John Godber
M7 (young, middle age). F2 (young). May be played by M5 F1 with doubling. A bare stage with basic props.

'In Amateur Rugby League, everything is personal.' The truth of this sentiment is proved time and again in Up 'n' Under II, the hilarious sequel to John Godber's hit comedy about the mixed bag of players making up the Wheatsheaf Arms team. Will the lost honour of the Wheatsheaf Arms be retrieved in their match against the Cobblers Arms? Audiences will be on the edges of their seats before they find out!
ISBN 0 573 11466 8

Uproar in the House

Farce. Anthony Marriott and Alistair Foot
M6 (30s-50s, elderly) F6 (20s, 30). Extra 1 M. A living area.

To sell an avant-garde house to the Coopers, his first prospective buyers in years, Lockwood persuades Nigel to pose as the owner and hires an actress to play his wife. But the real complications start when the Coopers are fog bound and have to stay the night-and turn out not to be husband and wife at all!
ISBN 0 573 11468 4


Comedy. John Scholes
M4 (24-middle-age) F5 (20-40, 60). 1M or F voice only. Split set: two rooms in a lighthouse.

Adele comes to the lighthouse to prevent its sabotage by the keeper, Alfred, who works for U.R.G.E. (Universal Reunification of the German Empire). Alfred has been murdered by wife, Mildred. Mildred's daughter and granddaughter - Daphne and Monica - arrive with Pierre who is also an agent of U.R.G.E. and wants to liaise with Alfred. What follows is a rollicking, fast-moving comedy with light-hearted innuendo that leads to mad confusion as everyone succumbs to some sort of urge. Period 1944
ISBN 0573 11478 1