Composers and their stage works 

Brad Fraser

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1959.

Brad Fraser is the oldest of four children. His parents only 15 and 17 when he was born, divorced when he was 12. They did a lot of moving around, never staying in one place for long. His father was an abusive alcoholic, and his childhood was a difficult one. Emotional, physical and sexual abuse were some of the hurdles thrown at him at an early age. Needless to say Brad Fraser is dealing with quite a lot, but it is about life that he writes. He likes to challenge what people think

Stage Works

  1. Mutants
  2. Wolfboy
  3. Rude Noises (For a Blank Generation)
  4. Chainsaw Love
  5. Return of the Bride
  6. Unidentified Human Remains and The True Nature of Love
  7. Blood Buddies (with Jeffrey Hirschfield)
  8. Young Art
  9. Prom Night of the Living Dead
  10. The Ugly Man
  11. Poor Superman
  12. Snake In the Fridge